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What Is a CPA Examination?
by AJacques in Business
Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are licensed professionals. Accountants who wish to become certified must take the Uniform CPA Exam. Besides successful passing of the exam, there are education and experience requirements for licensure that vary from one jurisdiction to another. Exam OverviewThe purpose of the Uniform CPA Exam is to ensure that candidates have the necessary level of technica
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What Happens on the GED Examination?
by dormsbee in Education
The General Education Development (GED) examination consists of a series of tests in five subject areas designed to prove that the test-taker has American and Canadian high school-level academic skills. Created by the American Council on Education, the exams are always done in person at Official Testing Centers (usually community colleges, public high schools or adult-education centers) with ident

How to Get a Gynecological Examination
by Surya in Health
A gynecological exam, or pelvic exam, is typically done by a doctor or physician's assistant. A professional will check the health of your pelvic and reproductive organs with a physical exam, and she may also take samples of tissue and fluid for testing. If you have not had an exam and you are sexually active or are having discomfort or troubling symptoms in your pelvic region you should consideri

How to Use English for the FCE Examination
by TreVader in Education
The Cambridge English: First exam (commonly referred to as First Certificate in English or FCE) is an examination meant to indicate whether a non-native English speaker is able to use English at an upper-intermediate level. Using English at the upper-intermediate level means that a non-native English speaker is able to work and study while speaking and writing in English. Using English to prepare

Requirements to Take an RN Examination
by Andrew in Careers & Job Searching
You're almost finished with nursing school. You have heard great things about registered nursing (RN) jobs at a local hospital, and you want to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)--the RN exam--so you can apply. Before you are allowed to take the test, you need to meet the NCLEX exam requirements. Nursing SchoolCandidates for the RN examination must complete a nursing progra

How to Prepare for a CCS Examination
by Paul McKee in Education
A certified coding specialist accreditation is a physician-based certification that is issued by the American Health Information Management Association. Once this accreditation is granted an individual is certified to perform medical coding procedures for hospitals or clinics. A medical coder has the ability to translate medical terminology into numerical codes for insurance purposes. These codes

Eye Examination Techniques
by kanda in Health
Optometrists and ophthalmologists use several techniques when determining the comprehensive vision of a patient. These range from color blindness testing to visual acuity tests which gauge the sharpness of your vision. A comprehensive vision examination typically lasts an hour or more and includes several variations of eye tests tailored to your needs and vision problems (if applicable). Visual

Standards for an Eye Examination
by Cadu in Health
Recent medical advancements in vision and eye research allow for an eye exam to serve several purposes in addition to obtaining an accurate prescription update for one's vision. Knowing what will happen during your eye exam will help you to prepare in advance for the time commitment, which can be from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your vision needs and requirements. Preliminary InformationAs a

What Is Fraud Examination?
by brtyler in Computers
Fraud is a very costly problem in our society today. Fraud examinations are conducted to determine if fraud has occurred and if so to gather evidence of the crime. Fraud is usually considered a white collar crime and the examination will involve surveillance and analysis of complicated financial records. Fraud investigators are often referred to as financial detectives. DefinitionFraud examinat

Eye Examination Laws in the UK
by Ali in Health
British law is very specific when it comes to eye tests. Those who carry out the tests must be qualified and competent. Patients receiving eye tests should expect a high and consistent standard of care. Employers have a duty of care to employees to ensure that their eyesight is not being damaged by their work. The law insists that employers pay or provide eye tests for their staff and make a contr
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