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Can add extra field(s) to @ManyToMany Hibernate extra table?
by Remyx in Programming Languages

I have these two class(table)

@Table(name = "course")
public class Course {
@Column(name = "courseid")
private String courseId;
@Column(name = "coursename")
private String courseName;
@Column(name = "vahed")
private int vahed;
@Column(name = "coursedep")
private int dep;

How to resolve CVS error: cannot rename file CVS/Entries.Extra.Backup to CVS/Entries.Extra: Bad address
by terrestris in Operating Systems

I've checked out a module from CVS onto a newly installed Windows 7 machine. The virus scanner has not yet been installed.

Later, when I try to do an update, I get the following error message:

cannot rename file CVS/Entries.Extra.Backup to CVS/Entries.Extra: Bad address

Has anyone seen and resolved this issue before?

Hibernate 4 - Can add extra field(s) to @ManyToMany Hibernate extra table?
by golazo in Programming Languages

I have same question which was answered in hibernate 3 here. However, I can't apply this to hibernate 4 as there is no @CollectionOfElements annotation. Can someone provide the solution that can be executed using hibernate 4?

EDIT: changed @CollectionOfElements to @ElementCollection worked for me. What should I do with @JoinTable now, because there is no table field in there.

How to Earn Extra Money Online - 4 Simple Ways to Earn Extra Money at Home
by bash in Careers & Job Searching
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Vs. Extra Light Olive Oil
by static AG in Food & Drink
Olive oil has been marketed as a healthier alternative to other types of cooking oils in recent years. There are several types to choose from, including extra virgin and extra light olive oil. ProcessingExtra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the olives, and is not processed with heat or chemicals. Extra light olive oil has been subjected to extensive processing.

K2 Joomla Extra Fields: How do I refer to extra fields by name/id instead of key?
by NesuD in Programming Languages

I am trying to use extra fields in K2. I do it all the time - but in this case, sometimes some fields have values, and others don't. So the key is not consistent.

Is there a way for me to refer to them by name or id instead of by key of the automatic array?

I tried this and it does not seem to work:

$streetaddress = $this->item->extra_fields->id[2

How to Become an Extra
by Granville Barnett in Arts & Entertainment
Extras, also known as background performers, make film and television scenes come alive. From café scenes to fictional graduation ceremonies, film productions need people to fill the background of a scene so it looks true to life. Adults and children can work as extras, but restrictions apply regarding the number of hours worked and the number of meals provided. A film production can take pla
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How to Become an Extra for CSI
by Orkspalter in Arts & Entertainment
First, you need to be in Los Angeles as CSI films there and they get their pool of extras from Central Casting. CSI is a hard show to get on but with persistence, you'll find yourself booked on the show and a minimum-wage paycheck to show for your hard day's work.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Register with Central Casting as a background player. Information about registering is available at t
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How to Get Rid of Extra Fat on the Stomach
by jwyse in Health
Smart eating and regular exercise are the keys to a healthy lifestyle--and a healthy stomach. Both can be challenging, and neither lends itself to quick results; the outcome, however, will be a flatter, thinner stomach. While smart eating may require you to cut down on a few treats, it does not mean giving up your favorite treats forever. Likewise, exercise should be part of your consistent routin
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An extra attachement is being sent in php
by Star Gryphon in PHP

I use the following code to create and send the csv file to a specific mail box in php. I can successfully receive the csv file, however, I do not understand why one more txt file called ATT00001.txt is attached also. Can anyone help me to take a look?

Here is the part of code for sending the mail:

// email fields: to, from, subject, and so on
$to = "you@home.co

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