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How to Calculate the Circumference of Earth Using Google Earth
Category : Computers
Google's Google Earth application lets users view and manipulate a 3D satellite image of the Earth. This application is a useful education tool, not only for teaching geography, but for teaching math as well. With the help of a simple math equation that equates the Earth's circumference in miles to the number of degrees in a circle, you can also use the Google Earth application to calculate the Ea

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Differences Between Fuller's Earth & Diatomaceous Earth
Category : Hobbies, Games & Toys
Fuller's earth and diatomaceous earth are similar in appearance, though their uses and means of production vary greatly. Fuller's earth is an effective oil absorbent in several settings, but can also be an ingredient for cosmetic products. Diatomaceous Earth on the other hand, is an effective natural pesticide, but is also used in pool filtration systems. Fuller's EarthFuller's earth is a natur

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How to Make an Earth Pendant for Earth Day
Category : Holidays & Celebrations
Earth Day is a day to remember the importance of respecting our environment, and how all of us can help to keep our world beautiful and pollution-free. Making an earth pendant is a fun way to celebrate Earth Day, and it's easy enough that even young children can do it with little assistance.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
1 sheet of clear plastic.
Computer printer

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Why Does the Earth's Atmosphere Stay on the Earth?
Category : Hobbies, Games & Toys
The earth's atmosphere is kept close to the earth by gravity. Just as the earth's gravity keeps you firmly on the ground, it also acts on the gases of the earth's atmosphere, holding it in place and allowing us to breathe. Earth's Early AtmosphereAs the earth formed, its gravitational pull attracted elements from nearby space, such as hydrogen and helium. These formed the earth's initial atmosp

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Google Earth Questions: Making Outside Pages Appear in Google Earth and A Button That Follows
Category : Development Tools & Services

Good morning, eveyrone

I'm working on an application using Google Earth and I had two questions.

The first question involves the pop up window. I want to get an external website to appear in this bubble. I can either hardcode the website into the description of the placemark or use an iFrame. Are there any other options I can use to get a website into Google Earth?

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Google Earth Tour does not open balloon on Google Earth iOS / Android App
Category : Android

I'm creating Google Earth Tours with KML. They work just fine on the Desktop version of Google Earth. However, on the iOS Google Earth App or the Android Google Earth App the balloons do not open when approached.

Here is a link to an example KML. Just press Play Me in Google Earth to play the tour. In iOS/Android, it should start automatically. A balloon should open when the animati

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Is is possible to use the stand alone google earth on linux as a [google-earth-plugin] replacement?
Category : Operating Systems

I should use a web pager that takes advantage of the [google-earth-plugin]

The problem is that I'm on linux (ubuntu) and there isn't a [google-earth-plugin] for us.

I was wondering if there is a way to use the stand alone google earth (available on Linux) for render those maps.


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Can I embed a web page with the Google Earth Plugin within the Google Earth desktop app?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a placemark with a link with this:

<a href="http://localhost/~me/hello.html">View a web page with GE plugin in it</a>

hello.html just contains the hello google earth sample application. The user can click on this link.

Problem: When the user clicks on the link, GE just crashes. (Also: I am on Mac OS)
I expect GE to show the

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How Did the Earth's Atmosphere Come to Earth?
Category : Education
The atmosphere of Earth contains essential elements that sustain life. For example, the atmosphere includes oxygen, which people need to breathe and which is necessary for cellular respiration. Plants use carbon dioxide in the air in their own respiration processes. Since the Earth's atmosphere creates an environment in which organisms thrive, a discussion of how the Earth's atmosphere formed need

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Google Earth embedded in web page looks different than when in Google Earth
Category : Web Design

I have a KMZ that displays fine in Google Earth. When I embed the same KMZ on my web site, SOME of the numbers I use as Placemarks are now extremely bolded. It makes them almost unreadable.

I look at the KML and there is no styling to the Placemark that would make this happen and, like I said, it looks fine in the Google Earth program.

Any ideas?

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