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Calling Echo inside a function pre-pends echo string to return value in Powershell
Category : Programming Languages

Hey guys, I'm a Powershell noob and seem to keep getting caught on little weird behaviors like this. Here is some test code:

function EchoReturnTest(){
echo "afdsfadsf"
return "blah"
$variable = EchoReturnTest
echo ("var: " + $variable)

Running this script generates this as output: "var: afdsfadsf blah"


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Is it better to echo javascript in raw format with php, or echo a script include that has been minified and gzipped?
Category : Javascript

Hey guys quick question, I am currently echoing a lot of javascript that is based conditionally on login status and other variables. I was wondering if it would be better to simply echo the script include like <script type="text/javascript" src="javascript/openlogin.js"></script> that has been run through a minifying program and been gzipped or to echo the full script i

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PHP Wordpress loop for 2posts to echo class and third to echo class2
Category : Web Design

What I am trying to do is to call a category specific loop, however, I want whats returned to display from most recent first, to be numerically numbered so that for every 2 that is displayed, will echo a css class ascertained to them and the 3rd result to display a completely different class as this is how I have written my html. Here is what I am trying to get the HTML to display

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bash echo command -e arguments ignored using echo full path
Category : Network & Servers

What's happening here :

$ echo $SHELL
$ echo -e "foo"
$ which echo
$ /bin/echo -e "foo"
-e foo

The last output is expected to be "foo", like when using echo directly.

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how to get this correctly `echo “echo mukesh >> a.txt” >> b.txt`
Category : Operating Systems

i want text file b.txt to contain echo mukesh >> a.txt

I tried

echo "echo mukesh >> a.txt" >> b.txt

but it puts text the " " as well and the below also doesn't seem to work

echo echo mukesh >> a.txt >> b.txt

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In PHP, why wasn't echo implemented as a function? (not echo vs. printf)
Category : PHP

I'm just curious. In PHP, why wasn't echo implemented as a function? Why didn't PHP just give us printf and never tell about echo? Please note that:

This is not a question about echo vs. printf.
I already knew that echo is a language construct.

UPDATE: By the way, was printf implemen

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creating an echo timestamp / cannot use pipe in echo string
Category : Network & Servers

I would like to use timestamps for logging outputs in a scriptfile.

On the console

date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S_%N

prints something like "20120206_104531_944652200"

In order to cut all those nano and mikro seconds I found

date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S_%N | sed s,".{6}$",,

which gives me something like "20120206_104531_944"


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how can you echo a variable in a echo that already echoing stuff
Category : Programming Languages

Is there a way to echo a variable that is already echoing something, I try doing it this way but its not echoing it out

if (logged_in() === true) {
<li ><a href="#">',$user_data['username'],'</a>
<li><a href="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/social.php">socail</a></li&

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echo-ing a custom field input within an echo
Category : Programming Languages

Here's what I'm trying to:

I have a plugin installed into my theme, this plugin outputs a shortcode for placement on a page or post. I don't want this shortcode to be used within the content as determined by a wordpress post, but rather elsewhere on the page.

So I output this: <?php echo do_shortcode('[the_shortcode]'); ?>which would output my shortcod

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if query exists echo this if not then echo this?
Category : Programming Languages

At the moment i have query that echos out all the members on my site, it displays their profile picture and link to their profile page. say ive got 50 members and the query is limited to 60 then i want to fill the blank space with a default image and link to a default page, so im looking for an if statement to say if the user doesnt exist then echo out this photo and link instead?


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