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iPhone iOS how to create graphics effects like drop shadow, etc? What effects are built-into iOS?
by Chaos in Programming Languages

I apologize for a large set of questions here.
I'm starting to play with Quartz Graphics more and more, and found that it has interesting effects, yet I do not have many samples to see them in action.

view.layer.shadowPath = [UIBezierPath bezierPathWithRect:view.bounds].CGPath;

There's a shadow property:

view.layer.shadowColor = [UIColo

Change Jquery standart effects with Flux-Slider effects
by Adam May in Programming Languages

This my code:

$("#headerimg" + currentContainer).fadeOut(function() {
setTimeout(function() {
$("#headertxt").css({"display" : "block"});
animating = false;
}, 500);

But i don't want this effect (fadeOut), i want to use Flux-Slider's effects. (Example: Warp)
I didn't

How to use python to create a GUI application which have cool animation/effects under Linux (like 3D wall in Cooliris, compiz effects etc…)
by Norway in Web Design

I am not sure if my question title makes sense to you or not. I am seeing many cool applications which have cool animations/effects. I would like to learn how to use python to create this kind of GUI applications under Linux.

"cool animation/effects" like 3D wall in Cooliris which is written in flash and compiz effects with opengl.

I also heard of some python GUI libra

How to Make Awesome Lighting Effects in Adobe After Effects
by Pete in Computers
As a filmmaker, you an spice up an action sequence by adding an awesome lightning effect around your character. Adobe After Effects is editing software that is designed to do just that, among many other effects. Adobe After Effects gives you a wide range of variations to play with as you add lightning effects to your video. Once you know the basic procedure of creating a lightning effect, you can

How to bind Flex Effects to the effects target properties?
by AndyD2k in Databases

I'm trying to reuse effects. To achieve this, i was hoping that i could bind some of the effect's properties to the effect's target. Here's what i wanted to do:

<mx:Transition toState="Ready">
<mx:Parallel targets="{[b1, b2, b3]}" perElementOffset="200" duration="500">
<mx:Move xFrom="{target.x-100}" xBy="100

added Effects and removed Effects start almost together
by Matt Willtrout in Programming Languages

I have run into a problem where I am removing a component and adding another one.
I have set addedEffect and removedEffect for corresponding component.

But the addedEffect starts before the removedEffect completes.

How can i make them in order ??

I am doing this in actionscript.So, in this case i'm not using state and transition.

Any help wou

Health Effects of Smoking Vs. Effects of Nonsmoking
by br4dz in Health
Over 650 million people, according to the World Health Organization, make the act of smoking tobacco part of their daily lives. Most claim that smoking calms their nerves and produces a mild feeling of relaxation. Others enjoy smoking for its taste. And yet, the WHO also reports that five million of these smokers will die each year. Nearly one in 10 adults worldwide will die from regularly smoking

Side Effects & Withdrawal Effects of Ativan
by Asif in Health
Ativan (commonly misspelled "Adivan") is a drug in the benzodiazepine family. Physicians prescribe this drug to treat anxiety disorders. Who Should Not Take Ativan?Ativan can cause birth defects, so women who are planning on becoming pregnant or who are pregnant should not take this drug. People with emphysema, asthma, glaucoma or kidney or liver disease should not take Ativan. It is also not

Cool Text Effects in After Effects
by David Bjornn in Computers
Adobe After Effects is film production software that allows users to create motion graphics and visual effects. Text effects and animations offered by the program include over 500 pre-designed text animations. Users create texts, transitions and titles using basic presets, modified presets or animations made from scratch. Pre-Set AnimationsIn the Creative Suite 5 version of Adobe After Effects,

How to Match Colors in After Effects CS3 & After Effects CS5
by ti22 in Computers
Moving between two versions of Adobe After Effects, you may notice that there are discrepancies and differences in colors of a project. The color differences are the result of different gamma values set in each version of After Effects. To match colors in Adobe After Effects CS3 and Adobe After Effects CS5, enable the color management feature in After Effects and define a “working color spac

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