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Ski Doo Elan Specs
by golazo in Sports & Fitness
The Ski Doo Elan is a classic snowmobile from the 1970s. Many of the machines are still functional as original models and many have been restored. It is one of the most popular snow machines of all time because of the lightweight, basic design according to snowgoer.com. The Elan used a full size track on a small body, making it forgiving for beginners and ideal for advanced powder riding. The mach
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The Lotus Elan Specifications
by eataix in Cars
The Lotus Elan is a British-made two-seater sports car produced in various incarnations as a convertible or coupe from 1962 to 1999. There are three versions of the Elan: the 1962-to-1975 "Type 50 +2", the 1989-to-1995 M100 and the 1996-to-1999 Elan produced by Kia in South Korea. General Motors owned the financially ailing Lotus from 1986 to 1993, but a high price tag minimized the Elan's presenc

Elan Black Magic Ski Specifications
by Luxembourg in Sports & Fitness
The Elan ski company, established by Rudi Fingar in 1945, offers a packed line-up of men's and women's skis including the Waveflex, E/Flex, Summits, Freestyle and Junior varieties. The Elan Black Magic QT, a women's recreational ski, caters to intermediate skiers, focusing on versatile ski environments with its lightweight construction and turning ability. Specifications of the Black Magic ski may

How to Adjust the Bindings on Elan Mag 70 Skis
by Matias in Sports & Fitness
Properly adjusted ski bindings are necessary for your safety as you head down the mountain. Bindings need to be able to properly grip your ski boots and also release at the proper tension. Therefore, you should know the proper procedure in making adjusting bindings. The Elan Mag 70 skis have a binding setup geared to the recreational skier. The process of adjusting these bindings falls under the g

How to Install the Elan Z600 Communication Controller
by Cogman in Electronics
A provider of home electronic systems, ELAN makes it possible to incorporate nearly every audio electronic into one machine and disperse it throughout the house with speakers. The ELAN Z600 Communication Controller helps regulate audio for everything from the paging system and doorbell to the home music system. The Z600 must be connected to an Integrated Multi-Zone Controller in order to properly

The Instructions on How to Install A Schlage Elan Door Leverset
by Milander in Home & Garden
The Schlage Elan Series Leverset adds dependability, good looks and a contemporary touch to your home. The Elan's distinctive design features a straight, square-edged styled lever handle that comes in three finishes, brass, brushed bronze and satin chrome, and all standard lock types, from dummy and passage to privacy and entry models. Installation is easy and follows the procedure common to most

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