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Independent emacs installations and locations of the .emacs.d directory and the .emacs file
by Enzo in Programming Languages

I have multiple installations of emacs on my Windows 7 computer, each configured slightly differently. Let's say installation1 and installation2, where installation1 is the main emacs, and installation2 is subsidiary.

I would like to maintain two sets of .emacs files and .emacs.d. directories, such that <

How do I get my cocoa emacs on Mac OS X to load my .emacs visual customizations for new windows (any document opened after the first)?
by ISAslot in Development Tools & Services

So I just downloaded emacs 23.1 for my new snow leopard macbook pro from http://emacsformacosx.com/ and it works like a charm, except...

I have visual customizations in my .emacs, a few lines are extracted here:

(set-background-color "black")
(set-cursor-color "green")
(set-default-font "--Lucida Console-normal-r-normal-normal-18--96-96-c-*-iso10646-1")

Emacs experts : is possible connect f# intellisense command line tool with emacs?
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in Programming Languages

I love emacs, I've used this for the latest years and when I need open an ide, although Visual studio is an amazing ide, I feel limited and it's very heavy weight for my old computer, I'm using emacs for f# although I feel than emacs is not so appropiate for a static type language, I've seen than c# has an intellisense in emacs



Emacs is it possible to get the action of C-x C- - (reduce buffer font size) in emacs lisp?
by poofyhairguy in Web Design

I'd like to reduce the default font size for a buffer using Emacs lisp.

At the moment I am running a process based buffer as a small emacs-lisp based application, I want the font size to reduce in the same way as C-x C-- does, when the app creates it's buffer.

The app has it's own major mode, so should I just set a custom basic face instead?

(note: I tried do

Execute code in .emacs file only for command line version of Emacs?
by ShifterMSK in Development Tools & Services

I'm running Carbon Emacs on Macs here, and my GUI emacs has an extremely pleasing colour scheme set up to use. Unfortunately, it looks like hell when running "emacs" in a Terminal window, which parses the same .emacs file in my root folder.

So, is there a way to conditionally execute code in my .emacs file so that I can select a different colour scheme for command line and "GUI" em

In Emacs, How to export Links to a clickable link, when htmlize emacs buffer?
by Matthew Damp in Web Design


I using great htmlize.el to export my org-mode buffer contents with font hi-lock.
Emacs org-mode has a Link format.


For Example, here is a org-mode file with contents:


When I Using Htmlize.el to htmlize buffer to HTML contents, The link was missing.
produces HTML lik

emacs can invoke shell and execute commands— can they act on Emacs buffers?
by Yserbius in Programming Languages

I use Alt-! (Alt-Bang) a lot in Emacs. One of the big things I use it for is

Alt-! cat $logfile | grep 'this' # show me one kind of event

or sometimes

Alt-! cat $logfile | grep 'this' | wc -l # count that one event's occurrences

Two things:

1) No tab-completion from this prompt: why not?

2) What if i

Emacs/Emacs Lisp: can I insert advice before interactive form? or how to intelligently pre-set the compile-command?
by mikieb in Web Design

What I'd like to do is intelligently pre-set a buffer-local default value for the string argument to the compile function.

Right now compile.el defaults to using "make" as the command. I can set this by setting compile-command. I can even make that variable buffer-local. That works if I want the same static value, always.

But I'd like to

How to send py-mode output (curses) in emacs to terminal in emacs?
by Idaho in Programming Languages

Using py-mode in emacs (or other approaches) how might I have the python buffer (which is calling curses) evaluated in a terminal in emacs?

This seems somewhat applicable: Emacs Shell mode: how to send region to shell?

Is there a way to make changes to toggles in my .emacs file apply without re-starting Emacs?
by nickthecook in Programming Languages

I want to be able to make the changes to my .emacs file without having to reload Emacs.

I found three questions which sort of answer what I am asking (you can find them here, here and here), but the problem is that the change I have just made is to a toggle, and as the comments to two of the answers (a1, a2) to those questions explain, the solutions given there (such as M-x reload-f


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