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How to spool emails (in a task) and send normal emails in the moment in the other controllers?
by Matt in Programming Languages

In my application we send notification emails at the moment, for example, when your registry, or when need to confirm some information via email.

But also we need to send personalized emails (only differenced in one text) for a hundreds of users, but I do not know how to combine Symfony2 spool email with no spool email in the same project.

There are something like a para

Creating a form to send multiple emails to existing emails using Rails
by Jammy in Development Tools & Services

I'm building an order management system for customers. I need to set it up so I can build a form that emails a brief of the order status to a customer. The trick is that a customer can have multiple emails i.e no limits on that and the form I need to set up would show the brief generated in a textbox(nothing hard there) as well as a list of checkboxes with the email addresses which to send to.

My web app server sends emails. I also use Google Apps to host my emails. I can't send messages to my own users?
by Matthew Steed in Web Design

Please excuse the horrible title. I've been banging my head against this issue all afternoon, only to realize that I was on a wild goose chase.

In short:

Set up Google Apps to handle incoming emails for my domain (foobar.org)
Set up exim4 on my Linode to send outgoing emails for my web app
Tested by sending emails to my private email (julian@oth

asynchronously send emails via smtp servers - multithreadingsend emails
by deom2i in Programming Languages

I have created a simple form which is loading a csv file with few columns like email, name, city and I'm trying to send them daily updates via 2 smtp servers I have. I thought to use a backgroundworker because it's progress capabilities(for the progressbar I have) but I read also on this website that there are other alternatives like task, thread or threadpool.

I also read that send

In Magento Order Emails (and all emails), how do I change the they way the SKU codes are displayed?
by Mykola Novik in Programming Languages

Currently in Magento, all new order emails, invoices, etc. show a list of times purchased. In one column, they have the product with all the options below it, and in the next column the SKU's... however the SKU's are just printed in a line

041727-03C-SFIT - 10-COL - 10-CUF

what I would like to have it do is show the sku's on a new line (or if possi

I am looking to parse a large amount of emails from a public dataset, specifically emails from the late 90's or early 2000's with Python
by Kbotei in Programming Languages

So basically I want to parse the Enron public emails data-set and I am uncertain about email formatting and types back in the day. I am unfamiliar with MIME types and those other formatting details. So I want to know if all emails have the same first couple lines and last couple lines.

I essentially want to get rid of everything but the body of emails. So I would also like to know

How to avoid resending emails or missing emails in this case?
by LinnheCreative in Programming Languages

I have the code above, if after half of the emails were sent out, there is a error in smtp, then how can I avoid resending emails or missing emails in this cases ?

Creating a database of emails from stored emails in my inbox
by Tashi in Programming Languages

I have an inbox with 5000+ emails saying that somebody has signed up. Within the body of the email is their email address and name which I want to store in a database.

Q) How can I get this into a database? Ideally mysql.

Ideally I would like to do this in a PHP which I am most familiar with.

I am using iRedMail with: OpenLDAP

UPDATE: since postin

How to Export Go Daddy Emails to Google Emails
by poofyhairguy in Internet
If you set up a web site on Go Daddy, you may want to configure your settings to handle incoming email. If you prefer to use GMail instead of Go Daddy's webmail interface, you can configure GMail to download your Go Daddy email into your GMail inbox. This will allow you to use all of the familiar features in GMail while ensuring you don't miss any of your Go Daddy email.Difficulty:Moderately EasyI

Is there a difference between plain text emails, and multipart emails with only plain text?
by fstender in Programming Languages

I'm using Rails to send emails and I just want to send a plain text email (there is no corresponding HTML part).

I've noticed that if I just have one file named email.text.plain.erb it actually generates a multipart email with one part (the plain text part) like this:

Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=mimepart_4c04a2d34c4bb_690a4e56b0362

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