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Ember Router logs error: “Ember.CollectionView's content must implement Ember.Array”
by tl1000sv in Web Design

Fairly straight-forward Ember question here, (I hope!).

I have a simple Ember-data setup. One App has many Versions. Here's my App model:

App.App = DS.Model.extend({
name: DS.attr('string'),
publicKey: DS.attr('string'),
versions: DS.hasMany('App.Version', { key: 'version_ids' })

My router is fairly simple:


Populating contents of Ember.Select view from RecordArray retrieved using Ember-data
by swassbac in Development Tools & Services

I have a select list that is created using this code:

{{view Ember.Select

riskCategory is a property of the App.Facility model loaded for the templat

creating a record with Ember.js & Ember-data & Rails and handling list of records
by LadyCoconut in Programming Languages

I'm building an app which has layout like below.

I want to create a new post so I pressed 'new post button' and it took me to 'posts/new' route.

My PostsNewRoute is like below (I followed the method described here)

App.PostsNewRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
model: function() {
// create a separate transaction,

How to persist hasMany association in a single Ember.js form using Ember Data & Rails?
by Dave Lievense in Programming Languages

I'm having trouble determining the correct way to persist a hasMany association with a single form using Ember.js, Ember Data and Rails. A Client hasMany Projects. I have a new project form that has two fields: project name and client name. http://cl.ly/image/3z0P0R3M1t2u

I've tried to keep my create logic within the Ember.js ClientsController & ProjectsController, but will I ne

ember - didLoad event in view for waiting for a ember-data model to load
by Henrique in Development Tools & Services

hi i have the following route:

MB3.PlaylistRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
model: function(params) {
return MB3.Playlist.find(params.playlist_id);

The playlist has a hasMany realtion with tracks. in the playlist view i want do do some logic with an attribute of the first track of the playlist.

so i added this code:

How do I declare an Ember template in the class definition using Ember.Handlebars.compile()?
by SeaSerpent in Web Design

In the latest ember master build, I'm trying to declare a template similar to this:

App.IndexView = Ember.View.extend({
template: Ember.Handlebars.compile('Index template in code')

..and it's not working. Using identical code and referencing a template in HTML using the templateName property works fine. Any ideas?


Ember SelectView not displaying the correct content binding only in Ember-rails
by James Clarke in Development Tools & Services

I made a small mixin for the Chosen plugin that worked well in this fiddle.

When I use this in my ember-rails application the chosen box shows up, but has no options. I think it is related to my using ArrayController.extend vs Object.create (in the fiddle), but I can't figure out why. When I change extend to create in rails, it tries to create the controller twice and gives an error

In ember-states and ember-views, is there any default targeting like defaultResponder of sproutcore?
by dlouzan in Development Tools & Services

I see Ember.RootResponder in many places in ember source code, but almost without exception it is commented out. Is RootResponder the "new" defaultResponder and is it still under development? Tips on other sproutcore/embers techniques decoupling views and state also welcome!-)
Thank you.

Break up my application.handlebars into separate templates using Ember.js and Ember.Router
by Jason Merrill in Programming Languages

I'm building a front-end (on top of Ruby on Rails) using ember.js and the ember-rails gem.

My (ember) application consists of Models, Views, Controllers and an application.handlebars template which describes my UI.

Whats the best practice to break up this application.handlebars file so that I can manage the UI? For exam

How to realize meteor like real-time features in ember.js and ember-data?
by LookBehindYou in Programming Languages

I'm evaluating ember.js with ember-data and meteor for a single-page web app.
So far my conclusion is that meteor can best be compared with a combination of ember.s and ember data while ember data takes the role of minimongo.
I really like the real-time sync of data with minimongo in meteor and would like to see this feature in ember.js. My question is whether we will see this or whet

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