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How to Upgrade Windows Phone Emulator only Emulator 7 to Emulator 8
by Raghu in Operating Systems

How to Upgrade Windows Phone Emulator only Emulator 7 to Emulator 8

I am using Visual Studio 2010 Windows Phone 7 SDK. But i want to upgrade only Windows Phone 7 Emulator to Windows Phone 8 Emulator or i will have to Install WP* SDK.

Android Emulator: where to write command line “emulator.exe -avd -dns-server?”
by her209 in Programming Languages

I'm trying to connect my android emulator applications to the internet, and this blog (http://www.gitshah.com/2011/02/android-fixing-no-internet-connection.html) says I should write the command line i.e:

emulator.exe -avd MapsDevice2.2 -dns-server

But how?

Do I use the cd C:?

Emulator not connecting to Windows Mobile Devide center after Emulator soft reset
by seventy6 in Programming Languages

Am working on smartphone application. And Developing through Emulator (USA Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC R2 Emulator).

But after Cradle Windows Mobile Device Center does not connect with Emulator. But it was connecting three days ago. After that I do not know why its not connecting...

Its get connected with device but not with emulator now.
I think I did soft reset

emulator windows azure compute emulator does not work, and the following error appears:
by Franklin Henderson in Databases

emulator windows azure compute emulator does not work, and the following error appears:

windows azure tool for microsoft visual studio

The system is missing a prerequisite to run the service. see output windows for more information

already installed the sdk for visual studio 2012 and I believe the azure tool already come with this but still can not run the em

Cellular Emulator :com4 is in use, please close Device emulator if it is running and then retry
by Iron Woode in Programming Languages
link text

I installed windows mobile 6.0 standard sdk but later found out my program needs professional versions.

No matter how i uninstall the old sdk from control panels>add/remove or trying to install the Professional version over it, this happens. Now i couldn't even run a smart device project/solution from Visual studio 2008.

Now i can't work on my project...

Android Emulator Crashes on ig4icd32.dll with exception code c0000005 (emulator-arm.exe has stopped working)
by raghu78 in Programming Languages

I have been developing apps on Android for a while now. I have the development environment installed on my laptop and everything was working till this morning. I had the v15 and v10 SDK platforms and emulators installed.

Just to try the Android Jelly Bean emulator, I tried to download the v16 SDK from SDK Manager. That led to a series of updates in SDK manager and then the ADT plug

Android Emulator for windows?(Not to install the Complete SDK, Just Emulator Needed)
by taviso in Programming Languages

Is there any possible way to install Android Emulator itself on the windows. I would need that for the Testing purpose? Any Idea?

Please Note: I dont want to install whole sdk. i just want install the Emulater itself. that emulator is just like that a phone for the testing purpose.

Thanks in Advance

Android Emulator Orientation Change Through Emulator Console or ADB
by cerebusPu in Programming Languages

I am trying to build an automated test framework for checking basic things that an app should respond to, without crashing. One of those is checking if an app responds to configuration change properly. Now, since it is automated, I have to switch the emulator's orientation between landscape and portrait and observe if it crashes, PROGRAMMATICALLY. [caps cuz there are many questions relating to

Emulator error: user data image is used by another emulator
by terrestris in Programming Languages

I am getting the following error when I try running my program in the emulator:

emulator: ERROR: the user data image is used by another emulator. aborting`

Any idea on how to fix this?


Drag and Drop not working in android emulator.Is there anything to add to run it in emulator
by Topher Cyll in Android
<html> <head>` <style type="text/css">
#div1, #div2, #div3, #div4
{float:left; width:100px; height:35px; margin:10px;padding:10px;border:1px solid #aaaaaa;}
<script type="text/javascript">
function allowDrop(ev) { ev.preventDefault(); }
] function drag(ev) { ev.dataTransfer.setData("Text",ev.t


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