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How to disable and re-enable MouseEvents; buttonMode, mouseChildren and enable don't work
by Pure Pandemonium in Web Design

Basically the question could more probably be more accurately asked, how do I simply disable a button and then re-enable it? I've tried setting buttonMode to false, mouseChildren to false and enabled to false. Nothing works. I realize I could just remove the event listeners, but surely there is a more elegant and efficient way. As removing the event listeners would force me to keep track of wha

how Can I enable modal property(Enable Keyboard Control) in Simple Modal Confirm Override from Eric Martin?
by Pottuvoi in Web Design

I have exiting code for Simple Model and it is working fine but now I want to that code (Model) 508 competent. I am using Eric Martin's Confirm Override Model. Is there any way that I can enable Tab key only for model?
Thanks in Advance.

How do I enable --enable-soap in php on linux?
by Dré in PHP

That's much the question. I have PHP 5.2.9 on Apache and I cannot upgrade PHP. Is there a way for me to enable SOAP in PHP 5.2.9? The PHP manual did not help at all when it said, "To enable SOAP support, configure PHP with --enable-soap ." How do I configure?

how to enable ffmpeg enable in server
by k19k in Programming Languages

The server seems to not support ffmpeg format while I asked the support team but I am confused why this happens with the server as the ffmpeg is widely used for processing videos & audio format files in the server side.

Is there any way do something from my part to make this working.

how to enable stacktrace log in jboss soa 5.3 to get rid of Enable more detailed logging to see the entire stacktrace
by akr in Web Design

i am using jboss 5.3 soa which runs on jboss as 5.1.
while trying to access teiid client with admin user i am getting "Enable more detailed logging to see the entire stacktrace.". Infact i get this error is few other places.
pls let mw know to enable more details loggin with stacktrace.

How to Enable PAE
by ziqew in Computers
PAE, or Physical Address Extension, is a process where, when enabled, a computer's x86 processor will be allowed to access up to 64 gigabytes of physical memory, while a x64 processor will be granted access for up to 1024 gigabytes of physical memory. This PAE is only available in 32-bit Windows systems and higher. This may be helpful when viewing content on the Internet, which may require more me
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How to Enable SPI
by JSebok in Computers
SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) refers to the mechanism by which a router's firewall processes received packets of information to establish a secure connection. The term "stateful" refers to the ongoing inspection of current incoming packets as well as the inspection of the previously received packets that comprise the established connection. SPI serves as added security to prevent cyber attacks
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How to Enable AMT
by cashshadow in Computers
Active management technology, or AMT, comes installed on HP Compaq business computers. The technology helps create and support improved management and better security. None of these improvements works without AMT being activated.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Boot the HP business computer. It will boot a little differently and offer a few selections before running Microsoft Windows. Press "F10
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How to Enable SSL in IIS 6
by poofyhairguy in Computers
Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts your web readers' private information. Any content sent from your online visitors computer to your Internet Information Services (IIS) web host is encrypted, so the data is protected from unauthorized readers. This protects your customers from identity theft. Before SSL works on your IIS server, it must be enabled. You enable SSL for each website that requires
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How to Enable IE
by kalfa in Internet
One of the most helpful tools in newer versions of Windows operating systems, such as Windows 7, is the ability to disable or enable specific Windows features or programs, including Internet Explorer (IE). If you downloaded a different Web browser and previously disabled Internet Explorer, but would like to re-enable the browser, the "Turn Windows features on or off" functionality can help you acc
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