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location services not working after Enabling - Disabling - Enabling
by Gianluca Riccardi in Mobile Programming

My app uses location services. While testing my application i found an issues with location services. If I start my application with location services enabled on the phone, i am getting GeoLocationStatus.Ready status and then i press the start button and navigate to settings and disable location services the application gets a GeoLocationStatus.Disabled status.Then if I press the start button,

enabling el in jsp
by Morbo in Programming Languages

could anyone tell me how can I enable EL expression in JSP version 2.0? Every time I'm getting EL expression as an String literal in the JSP as an output.

Here's the DD which the container is using to sending request to servlet, and then servlet dispating request to JSP:

<web-app xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee"
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Enabling GPU in Silverlight
by JoeKaras in Programming Languages

I have a problem enabling gpu in silverlight. I added the param but I do not find it in the permission tab in the Silverlight Configuration. The gpu is security blocked. I have also tried running out-of-browser but still the gpu is security blocked.

Enabling domxml in php
by jch in PHP

I have installed xampp 1.7.3 and the php version is PHP 5.3.1.When iam using the function domxml_open_file() ,it throwing an error Call to undefined function domxml_open_file().

How i can enable DOM in php.Thanks in advance.

I canot find 'extension=php_domxml.dll' in php.ini file,
so i added extension=php_domxml.dll this in php.ini file

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Enabling MMU in Linux
by Paul J Warner in Operating Systems

In ARM Linux , at exactly which point mmu is enabled. ie , in which file (assembly file or paging_init() in arch/arm/kernel/setup.c)

Does ARM linux have support to run without paging.

Thanks in advance.

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Enabling logs in a Web API
by Keeper in Programming Languages

I am new to the web development world and I would like to find a way to enable some sort of logs in my Web API project. I think that it will beneficial specially if I need to check any problem the user has in the future. I am using Visual Studio 2012


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enabling notifications
by phokus in Mobile Programming

I would like to enable notifications in my iphone app. So, I modify in app ID:

After that, I generate again Development and Distribution Provisioning Profiles and installed in my xcode.

My app is a tabbed based application, the first tab is UITableViewController

I add this lines:

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application did

enabling tty in a ssh session
by bmg in Programming Languages

I would to take in some login information for a script have written in to be used by many users. In python I set the input_raw to read from dev/tty but it fails horribly when i am connecting to the script being run on a server through ssh.

Thoughts? Workarounds?

I would prefer to avoid hard coding usernames into the script.

Please and thank you.

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Disable GPS after enabling it
by William Burke in Web Design

I have this code to enable the GPS on the unit.

if(navigator.geolocation) {
{ enableHighAccuracy: true, maximumAge: 0 }
} else {
alert('Geolocation is not supported by this browser');
function displayPosition(position) {
var dc_latlong = new

Enabling buttons
by sReas in Mobile Programming


with a UIButton, I can do this:

myButton.enabled = YES;
myButton.enabled = NO;

However, I can't do the same with a UIBarButtonItem (navigation bar buttons,)

So, how do I stop the user clicking it?

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