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Find timestamp for the last 8am encountered?
by JEDI in Programming Languages

I want to find the timestamp for the most recent 8am encountered. (weekdays only)

For example if its Friday at 3pm I want the timestamp for 8am.

I can do that simply enough, but what about if it is Saturday at 2am.

Also if it is Monday at 6am I want to find Friday at 8am still.

Tried the following:

$timestamp = strtotime(date('Y-m-d

Divide by zero error encountered
by Ernest Hill in Programming Languages

I'm having an divide by zero error when I launch this SQL query :

SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(11),CaptureTime,106) 'CaptureTime',
CASE WHEN Unit='g/L' THEN (data1* 0.02586) ELSE data1 END As data1,
CASE WHEN Unit='g/L' THEN nullif(data2* 0.02586,0) ELSE data2 END As data2,
CASE WHEN Unit='g/L' THEN nullif(data3* 0.02586,0) ELSE

`if` condition only working for first div encountered
by Nulq in Web Design

I'm trying to swap out one class for another when a page loads depending on the directory in the URL. My code is working for the first div in my menu, but not for any others. Here's the code:

$('document').ready(function() {
var pathname = window.location.pathname;
pathname = pathname.replace('/MVC/', ');
if (pathname == $('.navitem').attr(

Setup.Exe Has Encountered a Problem
by Max Ollerenshaw in Computers
All programs come with either a "Setup.exe" or "Install.exe" file. The "Setup.exe" file is the file that starts the installation of a program. If you use a computer long enough, you'll eventually run into a "Setup.exe" error. Most "Setup.exe" errors occur because of overzealous antivirus software, incompatibility with your computer or because of missing files. You can typically fix most "Setup.exe

About the Problems Encountered With HIPAA
by John Tate in Health
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, may have started with a good intent, namely to keep medical information confidential, but this act comes with unintended consequences. Frustration abounds regarding HIPAA from the medical front as well as from family members of patients. SignificanceHIPAA makes it difficult or impossible for family members or caretake

Problems Encountered by Tellers
by jihe in Careers & Job Searching
Bank tellers do more than process checks and open checking accounts. They are often the guardian between you and your money. In that role, they perform a number of job functions. The nature of a teller's job can present countless challenges that extend beyond administering correct change. Below are just a few of the problems a bank teller can encounter on the job. Unusual RequestsBank tellers i

Problems That Might Be Encountered When Purchasing a Car
by Broburger in Cars
Purchasing a car can be difficult, as there are many different factors to consider when searching for the ideal vehicle. It is best to research thoroughly to avoid problems with a vehicle purchase. CostIt is wise to check on the true value of a vehicle before purchasing it. Checking online, in value books and with the manufacturer will ensure that the vehicle's price is not being inflated by a

Codeigniter :A PHP Error was encountered
by qba73 in PHP

in my code their is an error what is solution for this

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/websites/public_html/application/controllers/user.php:64)

Filename: helpers/url_helper.php

Line Number: 546

this is my code

PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol
by Madmick in Databases

i am trying to compile this function

RETURN sqlerrm(-err_num);
END sql_error_msg

but i am getting this error:

On line: 8
PLS-00103: En

PHP Error encountered in XAMPP
by Boyer C. in Programming Languages

I am using this code to implement a 'Treasure Hunt' . I have very little idea about the code that I am working with . One thing I am trying to do is make the code work with XAMPP on my PC . I was able to fix the database errors that I was encountering whenever I tried to navigate to localhost/treasurehunt/admin/login . What I did was this -

Set a root username and password for the e


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