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Encryption of Strings works, encryption of byte[] array type does not work
by PliotronX in Programming Languages

I am using the following LINK for encryption and tried it with Strings and it worked. However, since I am dealing with images, I needed the encryption/decryption process to happen with byte arrays. So I modified the code in that link to the following:

public class AESencrp {
private static final String ALGO = "AES";
private static final byte[] keyValue =

Encryption Registration Number (ERN) or CCATS required for client/server encryption?
by James Lupiani in Operating Systems

I want to encrypt communication between iPhone and my server and I will not use SSL for that. Do I still need ERN or CCATS application for that?

“PKCS#1 v2.0 encryption is usually called OAEP encryption” Where can I confirm it?
by ondrej in Development Tools & Services

I heard that "PKCS#1 v2.0 encryption is usually called OAEP encryption".

I'll need some kind of "official" doc saying this before using it on my project. I'm trying to find it with no sucess. Any idea where can I find it?


(by the way, could anyone with more than 1500 reputation create the tag PKCS#1? Thanks!)

Encryption Exception while loading application properties ( Java jasypt encryption)
by dmossakowski in Java

When trying to install a module using Maven, it throws up the following error:

Encryption raised an exception.
A possible cause is you are using strong encryption algorithms and you have not
installed the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength
Jurisdiction Policy Files in this Java

Are there valid reasons for using a hardware encryption device (e.g. USB encryption dongle/keystore) over using a software library?
by Valentine in Development Tools & Services

If your application needs to encrypt/decrypt data (for various reasons), are there any reasons why you would use a hardware device (e.g. a USB encryption device - like a Marx CryptoBox) instead of using a software encryption library (like .net Cryptography or writing your own) and keep your keys in a safe key store?

I am looking for some objective views on this matter.


Encryption key generated by java program is not accepted by Microsoft encryption API
by WasntEnough in Java

We have generated RSA public key by our java program to encrypt the data in C++ before transmitting it but when we use this key to encrypt the data using Microsoft encryption API, it doesn't accepts this key.

Do anyone has any ideas on this?

Encryption Key Management Software and Transparent Data Encryption MySQL
by Ansari in Databases

For PCI compliance, is there any recommended Encryption Key Management Software? Open source preferable, but commercial is ok too. Is there a tool or software that provides both?

Can AES Encryption and RSA Digital Signature Scheme work together for file encryption?
by brainhulk in Development Tools & Services

I am planning on file encryption during file transfer from physical storage to physical storage as my final year project at my high school.

My question is, can AES Encryption and RSA Digital Signature Scheme be used as file encryption? Currently I am focusing on text files (.doc, .txt).

I've got the following protocol in mind:

the file

Is there any point where RTMFP's overall 128-bit encryption for stream turns into 256-bit encryption?
by mikhaelrasputin in Development Tools & Services

This is very similar to another question I'm asking, but still a little different. Both questions are attacking the same problem, and I really just need one or the other answered:

How can you make RTMFP encrypt streams using 256 bits, not 128?

Basically I know that RTMFP, for the most part, uses 128-bit encryption for streaming. But is this statement just an over-gener

Encryption Product Keys : Public and Private key encryption
by cusideabelincoln in Programming Languages

I need to generate and validate product keys and have been thinking about using a public/private key system.

I generate our product keys based on

a client name (which could be a variable length string)
a 6 digit serial number.

It would be good if the product key would be of a manageable length (16 characters or so)

I need to encrypt them at the b

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