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About Biomedical Engineers
by Remyx in Business
From artificial hearts to the technology behind making vaccines for some of the most contagious diseases in the word, biomedical engineers are the people who make these incredible feats of medicine a possibility. Everyday in all parts of the world, biomedical engineers are creating the technology that in a medical sense provides the opportunity for the rest of us to live longer, healthier lives.

What Do Mechanical Engineers Do?
by InfiniteLurker in Careers & Job Searching
Mechanical engineers can be skilled in a variety of engineering disciplines, and can be found in almost every field of science and technology. Mechanical engineers are responsible for all aspects of the design process, including generating new ideas, making plans, fabricating hardware, analyzing components and maintaining systems. SignificanceMechanical engineering is the study of applied physi

What Are Civil Engineers?
by WellBeing in Careers & Job Searching
Civil engineers help to plan and design the construction of facilities and structures used by the public and by industry. These include roads, airports, bridges, dams, pipelines, power generation plants and sewage systems. They also help with the construction and maintenance of these structures. Specialties of civil engineering include structural, environmental and architectural engineers. Educ

About Network Engineers
by energy95 in Careers & Job Searching
Network engineering may not be as well known as other information technology jobs, but network engineers are well-paid, well-respected professionals. People who enter this field are trained to physically lay out the networks connecting the computers in a company. Though it may appear the computers are just plugged in, making them work together without overtaxing the system is challenging. Network

About Electrical Engineers
by Franklin Henderson in Careers & Job Searching
Electrical engineering refers to the study of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism as it applies to the commercial development of electrical equipment. Not to be confused with electronic engineering, which is a field of study dedicated to small-scale control systems and signal processing, electrical engineering deals with large-scale industries, such as power transmission and electrical m

About Locomotive Engineers
by keithosu in Careers & Job Searching
Locomotive engineers are responsible for the safe operation of large trains that carry passengers or cargo. They operate trains run on different types of fuel and operating systems. Every locomotive engineer must know the routes and be aware of all aspects of the train they are commanding, such as load size, number of train cars, and amount of slack. The safe arrival of the train is dependent on t

About Marine Engineers
by Jeremy Pinnix in Careers & Job Searching
Creative in combat, marine engineers are the go-to soldiers in battle who build, remove and repair whatever the military requires in combat or during peacetime. Their job is a vital link in the successful machine of the military when engaged in a battle or helping to rebuild the infrastructure of an area damaged by war or natural disaster.

Salary of Oil & Gas Engineers
by Peter Z in Personal Finance
Oil and gas engineers, also known as petroleum engineers, create the methods by which these resource deposits can be extracted from the ground more efficiently and effectively, and with greater sensitivity to environmental issues. These engineers determine the ideal drilling methods to extract the resource, devise ways to maximize production, and propose ways to lower costs. According to the feder
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Law Degree for Engineers
by cjdavis in Education
Some enterprising individuals choose to enter law school after earning an engineering degree, while others students earn bachelor's degrees in engineering and then enroll in dual-degree programs to earn engineering master's degrees and law degrees at the same time. ApplicationsApplicants must meet minimum undergraduate grade point averages that vary from school to school. Some schools with dual
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Gag Gifts for Engineers
by John Studdert in Parties & Entertaining
If you have an engineer in your life, you're familiar with the unusual workings of their bright, calculating mind. Engineers are known for lofty ideas and mathematical skills, but most have a quirky sense of humor. It's scarce to find an engineer who won't appreciate a silly gag gift targeted at the profession. "Dilbert" Products"Dilbert," a comic strip about an electrical engineer navigating t
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