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How to Entice a Cat to Eat
by tanminivan in Pets
Cats can be quite picky eaters. As a caring cat owner, at times, you may find yourself wondering why your cat suddenly no longer likes its food. While it is best to have your veterinarian rule out first any health problems, there are options you have at home to convince your finicky cat that food can be interesting again.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Fish or chicken
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How to Mentally Entice a Man
by ArmHead in Relationships & Family
A man's biggest sex organ isn't what he thinks it is. Instead, it's his brain. If his brain is attracted to you, his thoughts cannot but follow, because a man's mind does what his brain tells him to do. To mentally entice a man is, therefore, to bypass his thinking mind and appeal to his primitive brain.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Brightly colored clot
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How to Entice Hummingbirds
by boonchew in Home & Garden
Hummingbirds are beautiful and wondrous creatures. The smallest birds known, they get their name from the humming sound produced by their wings, as they beat the air faster than the human eye can see. There are many species of hummingbird in North America, and they can be attracted to suburban gardens and backyards with little effort. Hummingbirds feed on the nectar of both wild and garden flowers

How to Entice Kids to Eat More Vegetables
by oferrer in Parenting
Getting children to eat the required three servings of vegetables a day can become a chore, especially if your child doesn't like their texture or how they taste. Luckily, there are ways to add vegetables to your child's diet so he will enjoy eating them, hopefully, and with fewer complaints.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Offer your child a variety of vegetables to find which ones she l

How to Entice Chickens to Lay Eggs
by Jason Merrill in Pets
Fresh eggs straight from a hen is a pleasure usually only enjoyed by poultry owners. Full of nutrients and protein, the small enclosed containers of food are a nutritional powerhouse. Chickens lay eggs regardless of whether they are fertilized, as a natural part of their bodies' cycles. However, trauma and other outside factors may sometimes reduce their egg-laying capability. There are several th

How to Entice a Prospective Employer
by InfiniteLurker in Careers & Job Searching
When conducting a job search, it's easy to feel like you have a lack of control over your destiny. The employers ask all the questions and decide whether you even get a chance to interview. However, with a little knowledge of what every employer is looking for, you can take control of the situation.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Add a cliff-hanger to your resume. Everyone knows a good story is mor

How Do I Get the Preloaded Songs Off My Verizon Entice?
by sgmichelsen in Electronics
Just like many other mobile devices, the Verizon-powered Motorola Entice comes equipped with preloaded factory songs. These audio files are usually free as a complimentary addition, but they tend to take up space on the phone's hard drive. So, to make room for personal media files, users often opt to erase them. You can erase preloaded songs directly from the phone's internal memory by simply navi

How to Entice People to the County Fair
by evisseliaib in Business
County fairs are popular annual attractions originally established to allow crafters to sell goods and farmers to auction animals. Fairs have come a long way since the York Fair in York, Pennsylvania -- the oldest fair which began in 1765 and now includes a a rodeo, live entertainment, beauty pageants and carnival rides.
County fairs can offer attractions for the entire family, but exhibit pl

How to Install a Motorola Entice MicroSD
by Shantanu in Electronics
The Motorola Entice cellphone has a two-megapixel digital camera and supports music and video playback. Picture, music and video files are generally large and will quickly exhaust the 35 megabytes of internal memory. The Entice was designed with support for microSD and microSDHC memory cards to expand on the amount of phone memory. You can install a memory card in a Motorola Entice without the nee

How to Entice Horses to Drink More Water
by Boyer C. in Pets
Horses are notoriously stubborn drinkers, but their reluctance to drink is not a cause for concern unless they are suffering from dehydration. There are many ways to check for dehydration. Signs of dehydration include weight loss and a condition called "skin tenting," where the skin becomes less elastic when pulled and takes longer than usual to return to its former shape. A dehydrated horse will

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