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How to Fix Rust on My Escort
by Wisconsin in Cars
The Escort is a compact car manufactured by the Ford Motor company. The first generation of Escort cars appeared in the 1980s and new generations continued. For many years the Ford Escort was a best-selling car. But when dents and scrapes appear and then the areas are exposed to water, rust forms. Removing rust the first time you notice it is the best treatment. Left untreated, the rust only sprea
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DIY Escort Cards
by seph87 in Weddings
Escort cards are similar to place cards at a wedding reception and designate each guest to a table at the reception unlike place cards, which assign guests to a specific seat at the table. The escort cards can be as simple or extravagant as you'd like and may correlate to the invitations or theme of the wedding. The escort cards are often displayed on a table outside of the banquet room upon guest
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How to Reset an Escort X50
by xSauronx in Electronics
The Escort X50 is an electronic radar detector designed to be used in your car. This device detects radar signals produced by police radar guns. It's a useful accessory if you want to know when a cop is around but it isn't much use if it is frozen. The best thing to do to fix a frozen radar detector is a simple reset that takes less than a minute.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Turn off the X50
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How to Get a Police Escort
by Kishore in Careers & Job Searching
A police officer has the power to enforce the laws even when he or she is not performing a normal job function or is working extra duty. Whether its for a funeral procession, a wedding or personal protection, a police escort is a way to arrive safely at your destination. Staffing costs and liability concerns, however, can make it difficult for you to get a police escort. Taking a well-thought-out
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Escort ZX2 Specs
by Rit Li in Cars
For over 25 years, the Ford Escort has been a reliable compact sedan prized for low-maintenance, high fuel-efficiency and affordability. The Escort ZX2 is a sporty two-door coupe introduced in 1998 to attract younger, affluent drivers seeking a more adventurous ride in a sleeker package. The ZX2 ceased production with the 2003 model, which featured a new front fascia and was available in a standar
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How to Turbo an Escort Engine
by Madmick in Cars
In the world of cars, turbo charging means increasing the performance of your car's engine and giving it a power boost by adding specific parts. These parts can include intercoolers, blow-off valves, wastegates and countless others. You sometimes can make these modifications yourself by purchasing and installing a turbo charger kit specific to the make and model of your car. Ford Escorts are just

The Specifications for a 1997 Escort LX
by ms-access in Cars
The Ford Escort has been known as a reliable, affordable and fuel-efficient compact car since its introduction in 1981. The successful Escort model was behind only the Taurus as Ford's best-selling passenger car in 1996. The 1997 Ford Escort LX was redesigned with enhanced horsepower and a new five-speed manual transmission, but standard features were basic. Engine and PowerThe 1997 Ford LX fea

Does a 1997 Ford Escort Have ABS in the VIN?
by DSLer in Cars
A vehicle information number (VIN) is a unique identifier that encodes certain information. For some vehicles, the VIN can indicate whether there is an anti-lock braking system, but this information is not in the VIN of a 1997 Ford Escort. BackgroundVINs on model years 1981 and later follow a standard 17-digit format. Each digit, or VIN position, from left to right, has a specific meaning, some

What Are Escort Cards at Weddings?
by Enzo in Weddings
Escort cards are just one of the many things that couples can decide to incorporate into their wedding. Escort cards let guests know where they will be sitting at the reception. While escort cards are not necessary, they make a reception, especially one with a large number of guests, go smoother. Besides being functional, escort cards can be designed in such a way that they complement and add to t

DIY Escort Cards for Weddings
by Matt Corr in Weddings
Escort cards, also known as place cards, tell guests where they will be seated at the reception. Typical escort cards are made of tent folded card stock with the guests name and table number written or printed on the front face of the card. However, the do-it-herself bride can display her creativity or incorporate her reception theme with the escort card table. If you can write on it or affix a n

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