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How to Make a Wonderful Easy Espresso / Coffee in a Stove Top Espresso Maker (aka Moka Pot)
by hondaf17 in Food & Drink
The moka pot presents a welcome relief from expensive, complicated-to-operate automatic espresso machines. Like those machines, water vapor is forced through a cake of finely ground coffee. The water then arrives in the upper chamber of the pot, where it condenses back into liquid. The brewing method produces a coffee that is akin in flavor to espresso.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll

What Are Espresso Beans?
by seventy6 in Food & Drink
The name "espresso" originated around 1900 in Italy. The translation of the term is often debated to mean either "pressed out" coffee or brewing coffee expressly for you, which is part of the reason why some people pronounce espresso as "expresso." Even though espresso is a different style of coffee and some coffeehouses sell beans labeled as espresso beans, there really is no such thing as espres

How to Make an Espresso
by sjmorrison in Food & Drink
An espresso is a high-pressure extraction of coffee from a special machine. These instructions will vary depending on the type of machine you have, but the basics are the same for all.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Demitasse Cups
Espresso Machines
Espresso Grinders
Espressos Beans
Spring Waters

Pour cold, clear water into your machine's water c

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DIY Krups Espresso
by LeeFlannery in Food & Drink
Making good espresso and espresso-based coffee drinks is both an art and a science. Many people have a Krups espresso machine tucked away in a cupboard, but have never learned to use it and make a cup of coffee to rival the local coffee shop. Make the most of your Krups espresso machine and enjoy a DIY espresso, cappucino or latte in your own kitchen at a fraction of the coffee-shop price. Espr
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What Is Espresso Coffee?
by denis280 in Food & Drink
Espresso is a term used to define the method of brewing small portions of concentrated coffee using pressure and hot water, in contrast to the typical "Mr. Coffee" style brew in which more coffee is saturated and diluted with water over a longer period of time. Being concentrated, espresso has a stronger, more intense flavor than brewed coffee. What is an Espresso?PortafilterA shot of espresso

About Espresso Machines
by surfsatwerk in Home & Garden
An espresso machine should be part of every coffee lover's home. After all, who can afford to go to Starbucks every day to purchase an espresso? It is much easier and saves a lot of money and time to purchase an espresso machine for your home kitchen. A great espresso machine is an excellent investment for any coffee lover. TypesThere are many different types of espresso machines: pump-driven,

How to Use an Espresso Maker
by jasonmoo in Food & Drink
Espresso is a popular beverage made by brewing finely ground coffee beans with steam. Much like regular coffee makers, many espresso makers have been downsized for use in the home. There are many ways to enjoy espresso, most of which can be done on your own with a little practice. This article will explain how to use an espresso maker to brew espresso and froth milk.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstr
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How to Use Espresso Pods
by Kuer in Food & Drink
Making espresso used to mean measuring out precise ratios of coffee and water, grinding coffee to just the right degree of coarseness and operating a notoriously temperamental machine. Espresso pods --- pre-portioned, pre-ground, and pre-measured single-use espresso packets --- make the process of brewing espresso quick and easy, and they come in several roast styles. You'll need a specific type o
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What Is an Espresso Tamper?
by eastcoastj in Food & Drink
An espresso tamper is a tool used in the process of brewing espresso-style coffee. Espresso enthusiasts say tamping, or packing, the coffee is a key step in the brewing process. FunctionThe tamper is used to pack the ground coffee into the basket of an espresso machine. The water used in making espresso is under high pressure; tamping helps the water flow through the coffee evenly to ensure pro

How to Use Machine for Espresso
by hochi in Home & Garden
A beginner can make authentic tasting espresso drinks at home using a semi-automatic or fully automatic espresso machine. Some espresso fans prefer manual espresso machines to control the results. However, they require expert knowledge and skill to make good espresso.
Semi-automatic espresso machines automatically build pressure to pump hot water over ground espresso. Fully automatic machines
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