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Opening a fancybox from fullcalendar event - clicking the event opens the previouosly selected event's url
by Jason Terhorst in Programming Languages

First time question asker here. I used several different threads on here to construct a fullcalendar that opens event information in a fancybox. More specifically, each day has an link (structured as an event) that opens a list of that days events in a fancybox.

I constructed the calendar and fancybox links with the following code:


JavaScript - Avoid executing event's default action. `event.cancelable` vs `event.preventDefault`?
by highland145 in Web Design

When I don't want to execute the default action that is associated with the event, I use

function listener(e){
if(e.preventDefault) e.preventDefault();
/* Other code */

But I have just learnt that events have the boolean cancelable. Then, should I use this code instead?

function listener(e){

Design event dispatcher, event source, event watcher with type safety in C++
by slpnshot in C & C++ & C#

Need some help in sorting out design options for simulation framework in C++ (no C++11).
The user creates an "event dispatcher" and registers interest (using "watchers") in occurrence of "events". The dispatcher internally holds "event sources" which are used to detect event activation and manage notifications to watchers. There's a 1:1:1 mapping between watcher, event and event source cl

FireFox and javascript Problems (event.keyCode or event.charCode or event.which not work )
by chr6 in Javascript

i do not know what is going on my firefox!

my aspx and javascript codes are like this :

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" >
<head runat="server">
<script type="text/javascript">
function a() {

Opera, event.layerX / event.layerY properties and mouseDropped event
by ponchopilate in Web Design

I am writing some application with Raphael.js. And it should handle mouse drag events.

That is, when mouse drag is ended, i try to catch the point on the Raphael's Paper object (DIV / SVG element, actually) where the mouse caused drop event.

FireFox and Chrome are doing well with event.layerX and ev

Javascript: Trigger an event that happens in a few seconds, but be able to cancel that event if another event happens?
by Kronvict in Web Design

Disclaimer: I am anything but a Javascript expert, so I'm not even sure if I'm approaching this correctly...

I want to be able to trigger an event in Javascript, but be able to cancel that event if another event occurs. So, what I'm looking to accomplish is:

User begins typing in a text box.
When textbox contents change, trigger an event that makes an AJAX call

Attached event triggering if event is same as current event
by Alex Bartzas in Web Design

I have a button which start/stops a timer. When I click it, I remove the current event handler, and attach the opposite one. Ie, click "Stop", and the "Start" function is attached for the next click.

However in IE (7), not sure about 8. The newly attached event is also triggering after the original function is finished:

Lifeline in IE7:
Button pushed --> "Stop" functi

How to add all handlers (delegates) of an event instance to another event instance of the same event type?
by tong in Programming Languages

I have two classes A and B.
In class A, I have an event EventA

public delegate void FolderStructureChangedHandler();
public event FolderStructureChangedHandler EventA;

In class B, I have the same event which named EventB.
In the a method of my application, I want to add all of the handlers registered to EventA to the event EventB

primefaces schedule: edit event details on move/resize event listeners
by Blunc in Programming Languages

I am fiddling with the schedule demo code from the primefaces showcase (using version 3.3.1), and I need to tweak some values of the scheduled itens on a move / resize event listener. ( I will be using "scheduled item" to mention the data model objects "the schedule's events" and reserving the term "event" for the API triggered response on user interaction).

So whenever an user move

Does Event logger in C# needs admin privileges to write logs into Windows Event Viewer?
by vferman in C & C++ & C#

In my C# application I am using EventLog class to log messages. It works perfectly fine on my machine but doesnt really works on client machine.

Client machine configuration is different than my machine. My machine has Vista OS whereas client has Windows 2003 OS.

I have admin rights on my machine whereas on client machine my application runs under non-admin user previle

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