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iPad Safari's mapping of mouse events to touch events in image-maps
Category : Mobile Programming

My website makes extensive use of image-maps. The images are of pages from a medieval manuscript. The mouseOver event of the AREA tags has a tooltip attached to it, which displays a modern typographic transcription of the ancient script for the line the mouse is hovering over.

I just checked my website out on the iPad at the Apple store. The iPad is in many respects a joy to use, h

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How do I assign specific key events with mouse click events to this array of buttons in AS3
Category : Programming Languages

I am creating a virtual drum kit that uses specific external sound buttons that play for when a mouse event and key event are called. At the moment I have the mouse events working fine. I can't figure out how to add the specific key events (using T,R,P,O,E,I,U,W,Y,Q) to each button in the array. Testing the butt1 I have the issue of having t click the button before a key event is allowed. Here

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jQuery fullcalendar: events (as a json feed) and events (as function) issue in IE
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am using jQuery fullcalendar with Grails. I was using events (as a json feed) earlier and when the user clicks prev/next or changes views the json feed URL is called every time.

Since I need to check the user session also, I changed from events (as a json feed) to events (as function) as shown below. The problem is first time it works, but next time onwards the ajax request is no

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jQuery events: notify the newly created elements of past events
Category : Programming Languages

Code example:

var Events = $({});
Events.on('myCustomEvent', function(){ console.log('myCustomEvent 1') })
Events.trigger('myCustomEvent'); // I want notify the previous binds and all binds in future
Events.on('myCustomEvent', function(){ console.log('myCustomEvent 2') })
// when ajax or other long process

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.Net Events - What use (object sender, EventArgs e) parameters give in Events other than onClick
Category : Programming Languages

I did not find .NET Events - What are object sender & EventArgs e? post much helpful.

It primarily tells that how the parameters (object sender, EventArgs e) are used in case of onClick scenario, which turns out to be the obvious use.

My question is :

Neglecting the onClick function

i.e In case of Page_Load, Init and other page events

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Is it possible to catch Win7 multitouch events, convert them to mouse and keyboard events and send them to another application?
Category : Programming Languages

I have following Situation: I have a special 3D program which I need to make able to react on multi-touch events without changing the program itself. Therefore I need a mapper program, which receives the multi-touch events of Windows 7, converts them in corresponding mouse and keyboard events and send this emulated events to the 3D program, so that it can process those events.

I hav

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Javascript add events cross-browser function implementation: use attachEvent/addEventListener vs inline events
Category : Web Design

In order to add events we could use this simple 1st solution:

function AddEvent(html_element, event_name, event_function)
if(html_element.attachEvent) //Internet Explorer
html_element.attachEvent("on" + event_name, function() {event_function.call(html_element);});
else if(html_element.addEventListener) //Firefox & company

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jQuery: For events bound with .on(), which is better/faster: expressly removing events, or letting remove() handle it?
Category : Programming Languages

In jQuery, for events bound with .on(), which is better/faster: expressly removing events, or letting remove() handle it?

Letting remove() handle it is easier, but is there a performance hit (and if so, how much of one?), or is it better to keep track of bound events and expressly unbind them prior to doing the remove()?

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Calculate total events in Google Analytics when event labels is changed on click events
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am tracking a Click Event on a image, say it had an Event Label of "Image 1". Currently its showing, say for e.g., Total Events = 23. But a couple of days later I found that the "Event Label" was incorrect on that image so I changed it to "Image 3" and now I see it has Total Events = 33. So in my GA Report, I am seeing 2 records for that same image.

So now if I want to manually ca

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Oracle sql query to show count of events daily and total number of events for last seven days
Category : Programming Languages

There is the following table: event_table, which contains information about object_name, event_number, event_supplementary_info, event_time. I would like to have a sql query, which shows number of events per last seven day daily and total number.

I need something like this

select Object_name, event_numb

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