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C# and Microsoft Excel 9.0 Object Library (Excel 2000) getting a cell coordinate excel style
by ezzze in Programming Languages

Is there a way with Excel 9.0 Object Library to get a cell coordinate (from a range or cell) "Excel style" for example: A1 or C4 instead of [1,1] and [4,3]?

Excel summary of many excel files data into one report excel
by Ph33zy in Programming Languages

I have a number of excel files containing filled survery, now I would like
to have one master document that would have summary result of each.

Thus I imaging to have for each file a row input:
name - address - some data...

I would like to open each of the files, and copy the data from selected cells into my master file.

I have figured out that I

how can i export to Standard excel file from jasper with the image and cell border and the excel file look likes normal excel file?
by amosk in Programming Languages

I am using jasper report to export my excel report in my liferay custom portlet JSP Page.

now what happen is when i set IS_IGNORE_GRAPHICS property false then its showing image in excel report.but then the column of excel report not showing any border..and if i set it to true then its not showing image and then every column comes with border..now what i want is both as image on the

Converting a txt file to excel,then modiying excel and import the new excel file to a database
by Elcs in Programming Languages

I would like to convert a txt file to excel and then modify certain data inside the excel file and then import this new excel file to a database using PHP. The contents of the excel file, for example, will be with products and prices of them and the modification will be on the prices.

Is this even possible using PHP or I will need something else?

Excel crashes when opening an Excel sheet generated by HSSFWorkbook that was attached to an email
by nobodyzzz in Programming Languages

I've generated an Excel spreadsheet using HSSFWorkbook, then implemented a custom javax.activation.DataSource to attach the spreadsheet to an email. However, upon opening the spreadsheet in Excel, it crashes. Excel can recover some of the data, but it loses most of its formatting.

Excel crashes and misdisplays files written using Apache POI (in the Excel 87-2003 .XLS format)
by GarlicBreath in Development Tools & Services

our Java EE applications writes large (>3000 rows, >300 columns) Excel files using Apache POI. We have implemented the customer's requirement that many (>500) of the cells in the written file have a partial text formatting, i.e. the text in one cell is partially red and bold, and partially black.

Apache POI does not complain when writing the files, and they can be opened, BUT Excel

Edit particular excel sheet by inserting values into the excel with predefined templates in java.
by dantino in Java

I want to edit an excel sheet with some pre designed templates containing pie chats and graphs using java.All I have to do is that,read some values from a different raw data excel and insert the values into some specific cell in the excel with the template.Reading values is done from external data sheet, I tried a lot to write the data into the excel with the template ..Can any one help me ou

How to have proper borders for excel worksheet cells, excel export in Ruby on Rails
by timswim78 in Programming Languages

In my index action of the controller I have got this:

def index
@vehicles = Vehicle.all
respond_to do |format|
I have got this in my index.xls.erb template:

Product backlog management using Excel (or Excel's XML Spreadsheet 2003 feature with SVN merging)
by KingGuppy in Programming Languages

We have Product Backlog in an Excel Spreadsheet that we also commit to SVN, so everyone can open use it and update to latest version.

The problem we have is:
How do you enable Excel spreadsheet to be simultaneously used by many people and not override each other's data. Some kind of merging data? Is it at all possible?

We would like to keep our data in Excel spreadshe

How do I change the Excel logo that appears at the top left hand corner of my Excel session?
by Iceland in Programming Languages

In Excel VBA I can use

application.Caption = "mytitle"

to change the title of the Excel session. I want to be able to go one step further and actually change the Excel icon to an icon of my own choosing. Can this be done? Please help.

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