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Compilation error - no matching function for call to 'Exception::Exception(Exception)'
by Gold in Programming Languages

I can not solve this problem for a while. I would be glad for some advice.

When I try to throw an exception (self created one in Java style)

throw Exception ();

compiler make a protest:

DataTypes/Date.cpp:24: error: no matching function for call to `Exception::Exception(Exception)'
DataTypes/Date.cpp:24: error: in thrown ex

java: can't rethrow exception: Unhandled exception type Exception
by sandorski in Programming Languages

I'd like to catch an exception, log it, set a flag, and the rethrow the same exception

I have this code:

public Boolean doJobWithResult() {
boolean result = true;
final Feed feed = Feed.findById(feedId);
try {
} catch (Exception ex) {
result = false;

Exception Handling Application Block Exception Handler running in ASP.NET cannot call Response.End()
by M0dusFRee in ASP & ASP.net

Using .NET 3.5, ASP.NET, Enterprise Library 4.1 Exception Handling and Logging blocks, I wrote a custom exception handler to display a standard error page, as follows:

public class PageExceptionHandler : IExceptionHandler {
public PageExceptionHandler(NameValueCollection ignore) {
public Excep

How to handle exception and yet complete the functionality of the method without prompting the user of the exception that has occured
by stargazr in Programming Languages

Suppose there is a situation like :

statement 1;
statement 2;
statement 3;
statement 4;
statement 5;
statement 6;
statement 7;
statement 8;
statement 9;
statement 10;

Any of these statements is suspected to raise an Exception. So I put them in a try-catch block.


Encountered exception javax.management.RuntimeOperationsException: Exception invoking method check
by uo7 in Java

I have been getting a series of error messages when trying to deploy a web application to an instance of tomcat 7.0.35 server installed on my computer. The application is developed in jsp using eclipse.

The first error message I received was:

FAIL - Encountered exception javax.management.RuntimeOperationsException: Exception invoking method check

RSS Feed Error - Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Failedr etrieved data'
by evisseliaib in Web Design

I am getting this error message while developing a site which is accessing Media RSS feeds to play video content. Videos intermittently stop playing and this error pops up. The files are delivered via an Edgacst CDN network and it sees like the video cannot be found. Does anyone have an idea as to what can cause this to happen intermittently?

Thanks in advance....


How do I fix this Django error “Exception Type: OperationalError Exception Value: no such table?”
by Kagee in Programming Languages

I've finally installed all the requirements (so i think!) of a Django project, and I'm trying to get a local install running on my Mac (OSX 10.4).

I'm getting the following error:

OperationalError at /
no such table: django_content_type
Request Method: GET
Request URL:
Exception Type: OperationalError

How to turn off “Break when exception is thrown” for custom exception types
by The Merg in Programming Languages

I'm doing some debugging where I really want to have the "break when exception is thrown" option turned on. There's a third party assembly I rely on that regularly throws exceptions. Some of them, like SynchronizationLockException I can turn off via Debug -> Exceptions menu.

The problem is they also have some custom exception types. Is there anyway to turn those off?

exception-notification gem “ERROR: Failed to generate exception summary”
by Brazil in Programming Languages

Been using the exception-notification gem for some time now rather successfully, however I have been annoyed by an entry in the emails at the top of each email body just after the actual error. The problem text is:

ERROR: Failed to generate exception summary:

An unhandled exception of type 'System, Access Violation Exception' occured in HealthCareProvider.exe
by Edo in Programming Languages

My code compiles but throws an the exception: "An unhandled exception of type 'System, Access Violation Exception' occured in HealthCareProvider.exe Additional Information: Attempted to read or write protected memory. . ." HELP??

Problem is with print() method. I don't know why.
Iterator only prints out a bunch different numbers (needs toString ())



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