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The Difference Between Executive Pay and Non-Executive Pay
by pmaiorana in Business
All organizations have executives or managers at the top of the company ladder, directing activities and ensuring that the company's goals and objectives are met. The difference between executive pay and non-executive pay depends largely on the type of organization in question, as well as the worker's job title. Executive vs Non-ExecutiveThe main difference between an executive and a non-execut

MBA vs. Executive MBA
by SystemOverclock in Personal Finance
Students hoping to start a career in the business world or current business professionals looking to boost their resume often pursue a Master of Business Administration, or MBA, degree. Since many MBA students also work full time, business schools across the country have created programs catering to this set of students. As a result, students often can choose between traditional MBA programs and e
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Executive CPR & First Aid
by Jon Riegel in Health
Executive CPR and First Aid serves the southeastern United States, with regional locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. It provides cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid classes certified by the American Heart Association as well as training supplies. ClassesIn addition to CPR and first aid classes, Executive CPR offers training in automated external defibrillat
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What Is an Executive MBA?
by Simon Dick in Education
A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is a graduate level degree that focuses on management skills. An Executive MBA (EMBA) is geared for those who want to earn an MBA without quitting their day jobs. What Is an Executive MBA?EMBA programs can be completed by working professionals in less than two years while they continue to be employed full time. Usually, students enrolled in EMBA prog
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What Is an HR Executive?
by mii in Careers & Job Searching
An HR executive oversees the Human Resources department at a business, and is responsible for employee paperwork, benefits, training, team building and staying on top of current labor laws. The HR executive may be in charge of an HR department, if the company is a large one, or have the sole responsibility of overseeing everything HR-related herself. Human ResourcesHuman resources refers to the
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How to Buy an Executive Jet
by Per in Travel
Executive jets are for private sale in various sizes, distance ranges and prices. The prices will vary greatly if you are buying new versus used private executive jet. Used jets are an excellent value since they are usually maintained by a fleet mechanic. Records on maintenance and repairs can be obtained to inspect the history of a used jet.The most popular executive jets are Learjet, Boeing Busi
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About an Executive Secretary
by cubby1223 in Careers & Job Searching
Executive secretaries, sometimes referred to as administrative assistants, are key employees in any organization, often reporting to a president, vice president or chief executive officer. They are responsible for office management and keeping the day-to-day operations running smoothly. They are usually full time and may be employed in corporate offices, health care, legal offices, education, gove

Executive MBA Information
by Hai Nguyen in Education
Experienced business professionals can enhance their careers by pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. This degree is scheduled around the demands of an executive career, and is usually done part-time or through distance education to allow professionals to continue working. Some of the top schools in the world offer Executive MBA programs to cater to a growing busine

What Are the Duties of the HR Executive?
by Mpalle in Business
Whether employees have questions about benefits, a massive hiring freeze is underway or the company is exploding with growth, the human resource (HR) director is responsible for making the process successful. An HR executive performs tasks that help hold the company together. He should be well versed in the law, company resources and training requirements. Recruiting EmployeesRecruit employees

About Executive Protection
by GTech33 in Business
Executive protection (EP) refers to security procedures or operations in use to ensure the safety of executive and high-profile individuals who may be open to assault because of their employment position, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location. Titles and DutiesProfessionals involved in EP operations have titles such as bodyguards, EP specialists or agents. These profes

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