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“Error: File or directory does not exist” BUT they do exist as confirmed by os.listdir
by Gianluca Riccardi in Programming Languages

I am writing a program that should read in a number of csv files from a directory and do some analysis on each file. I have these functions:

# Function reads in files and saves data into 2 dimensional array
def ReadInFiles(name):
data = []
fname = csv.reader(open(name, 'r'))
#print 'read in file: ' + str(fname)
rowCount = 0

Does a cross-platfrom compiler that can compile a native executable that can be run both in linux windows exist? Could it exist?
by Ubermateo in Operating Systems

I remember a few years ago(2002) there was a multipartite virus that could be run natively on linux and windows. I don't know if a compiler could be specially craft an executable so that it could be read as both ELF and PE, so that the os would start executing at different entry points. Or a program that could merge two programs, one compiled using mingw, one compiled in native linux, to one pr

MySQL ERROR 1072: States Key doesn't exist, yet it does exist
by novatv.stdios in Databases

Apologies if this is a newbie question, but I have been unable to resolve this problem for some time and am hoping someone with a better understand of MySQL can assist me in deciphering the following problem:
I have two tables that I want to maintain so that users can define their preferences, while an admin can maintain their access rights to those preferences. And I want to make sure that

Jquery: selector for elements that don't exist now, but will exist in future?
by Texas in Programming Languages

In in aspx page, there is a grid view, that has template control for checkbox, something like this

<asp:gridview .....
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkAll" runat="server"/>
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkSe

Insert navigation property if it doesn't exist or just use it if it does exist without key
by dougbeal in Programming Languages

I have 2 tables:

Person table -
Name (unique index).
Orders table -
PersonID (FK)

I want to do an insert to the orders table (using EF) that will insert a list of orders (all with the same person and I only know the person name), I want that i

MySQL Table does not exist error, but it does exist
by vb.net in Programming Languages

Does anyone know under what conditions you can recieve an 1146: Table '<database>.<table>' doesn't exist error when your table does, in fact, exist?

I use the same code on 5 servers, only one that I recently rented is showing this error, so I suspect it may be a settings or install error of some kind. I can execute my sql statement from the command line jus

Directory.Exist - Find out if there was a timeout or dir does not exist
by Tristan in Programming Languages

Say I have a share on a shiny server:


If I run this:

Directory.Exists("server1MyShare") //Returns True

Now I yank the cable out of the server and run the code again:

Directory.Exists("server1MyShare") //Returns False

I want to know if it returns false because....:

How to check IF Default Value Constraint Exist Not Exist?
by ChrisMe in Databases

I am using sql server 2008. I need to find if default value constraint not exist then create it. Here is what I have tried.


406 error when template and partial exist as well as when they don't exist
by Bas in Programming Languages

I'm getting a 406 error and it's rendering a blank white page, even though the log makes it look like it's rendering my shared/404 page. I can even remove the layout and 404 page and same error. Any ideas?

Started GET "/" for at 2012-02-19 22:26:56 -0800
Processing by MinisitesController#show as HTML
Account Load (0.4ms) SELECT "accounts".* FROM "accounts

How to check table exist or not exist
by ShayH in Databases

How to check table is there or not?

Using VB 6.0

cmd.CommandText = "drop table t1"

Above code is working fine, but if table is not exist then it showing “table does not exit”

How to check table exist or table not exist?

Need VB CODE help?


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