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How to permanently terminate Windows Explorer (the “explorer.exe” process)?
by RockinZ28 in Programming Languages

I'm using the following code to terminate a process:

function KillTask(ExeFileName: string): Integer;
ContinueLoop: BOOL;
FSnapshotHandle: THandle;
FProcessEntry32: TProcessEntry32;
Result := 0;
FSnapshotHandle := CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0);

expand Project Explorer, Package Explorer, or Navigator view from open file in Eclipse?
by Virginia in Programming Languages

Is there a way to expand one of the Project Explorer, Package Explorer, or Navigator views from an open file in Eclipse?

I can see the full path of the opened file in the title bar, but I want to navigate to that location (quickly and automatically) within one of the file structure views. Using Java and JSP in case that matters.

EDIT : Reworded: The file is already open.

How to make “PHP Explorer” (project explorer?) area persistent between sessions in eclipse/PDT?
by tonix in Programming Languages

PHP Explorer is the eclipse PDT tab (the leftmost in standard configuration) where you can browse the folders of your project. I believe the same tab in standard eclipse is called "Project Explorer" but I am not sure.

What happens to me is that when I close and reopen eclipse, although the files that were open at close time are still open on relaunch of eclipse, all my folder hierar

How to Configure Internet Explorer to Open Tif Files in Windows Explorer
by Darin in Internet
Tagged Image File Format, also known as TIF or TIFF, is a computer file format used for archiving images and image galleries. TIFF files are used by image manipulation programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, and can also be seen as default files of many image scanners. Internet Explorer is capable of opening TIF files, but you have to select the web browser to be the default program for displaying ever

How to Open Files in Windows Explorer and Not Internet Explorer
by Massachusetts in Internet
Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer may share a common name ending, but have very different purposes on a personal computer. Designated file types are assigned to open in Internet Explorer, files that generally pertain to browsing the Web. On the other hand, Windows Explorer is the file management system on your local computer meant to organize your files and folders. Knowing how to open files

How to Make Windows XP Explorer Like Vista Explorer
by daveybrat in Computers
If you like the Vista Explorer but don't want to deal with the hassle of upgrading your entire operating system, you can use a number of freely downloadable tools available for Windows XP that allow you to integrate many of Vista's features into your current version of Explorer.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Download and install Vista Drive Icon. In Vista, the various storage volumes listed in Exp

Can I add an explorer shortcut to solution explorer and have it actually function?
by Matt1970 in Programming Languages

I'd like to be able to include shortcuts in my solution explorer so that I can just double click in solution explorer to open a directory related to the project or solution, is this possible? Currently if I add a shortcut to the solution it comes up as a .lnk file and it opens insides Visual studio as a binary file instead of opening in windows explorer.

Difference Between Internet Explorer & Windows Explorer
by Maxton in Internet
Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, while many times used interchangeably, is not the same program and, in fact, serve very different functions. One serves as a way to access the Internet while the other's function is to search for computer files. Internet ExplorerTo search the Internet, you must have a browser in which to type in searches and web addresses. This is the function of Internet

How to identify an Explorer Bar(Internet Explorer) is hidden or not?
by drudge in Programming Languages

I can make an Explorer bar show/hide using IWebBrowser2::ShowBrowserBar Method. I want to use a single button to toggle between Show/Hide. There is a parameter for ShowBrowserBar to set for Show/Hide. How will I get the status of the explore bar now?

ERROR “Internet Explorer cannot download file from server. Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site.”
by BSim500 in Programming Languages

There is a problem with file download on one of our live websites. I tried to reproduce the problem and found it only happens using external connection with internet explorer. It worked fine when I tested internally. I googled and found some suggestions (remove header, or remove cache etc etc) but I literally have one more chance to republish the website. I need the exact fix to my code. Please

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