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Hotels by Cal Expo
by Igal in Travel
Cal Expo is located in the heart of Sacramento on 350 acres and has been home to exciting California events since 1967. Yearly events such as the California State Fair, Independence Day Celebration and California's Grape & Gourmet Charity Event take place on the grounds of Cal Expo. You will find an array of hotels just a short distance from these grounds. Best WesternBest Western Expo Inns & S
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How to Participate in an Expo
by CrookedNumber in Careers & Job Searching
Taking part in an expo can be quite beneficial for your company's bottom line. Networking to show-goers and fellow expo participants can often bring new customers. Particiating in an expo can be a lot of work, though. From working with the expo's staff, to coordinating your own staff and preparing materials to give away, there are a lot of things that must be planned. Make sure you follow the step
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How to Set Up a Booth for an Expo
by davidar in Arts & Entertainment
The ideal time to plan an exhibition is several months before the show. Take the time to ensure that you have all the furniture and printed materials you need. Find out the measurements of your booth and the location within the exhibition and plan the displays according to these details. Gather the furniture and signage you need for your booth. You can order trusses or pop-up displays to present y
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How Do I Get a Booth at the Job Expo?
by Naveen in Careers & Job Searching
Job expos or hiring fairs offer employers and job candidates the opportunity to connect. Some employers even conduct on-the-spot interviews at job expos with the intention of extending offers the same day. If you have immediate or ongoing hiring needs, rent a booth at a job expo for easy recruiting.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Contact the job expo organizers to determine any requirements for reg
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Job Expo Description
by kema in Careers & Job Searching
Job expositions give employers the opportunity to connect with prospective applicants who may qualify for open job positions. These events also allow job seekers to learn more about companies they are interested in working for. LocationJob expositions normally occur at a convention center, university campus or meeting facilities housed within a motel. Virtual job expositions occur online over a
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How to Get Into Your Own Business Expo
by OGG in Business
Getting into the business expo planning is not for the faint of heart. You must study your prospective audience to determine their needs. Then you must determine if your event can provide them with information and services to fulfill their needs. Expos are typically designed to provide new, enlightening, cutting-edge ideas, techniques, strategies and/or gadgets to help attendees make some signific

Ideas for a Bridal Expo
by Ka0t1x in Weddings
Bridal expos inform future brides of all the resources available to them as they plan their big days. Caterers, photographers, reception venues, DJ's and bakers set up tables or booths in order to meet brides and provide them with information they can review as they choose services for their weddings. Select the Date or WeekendGet moving at least nine months to a year prior to the event so rese
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Science Expo Projects
by el-Capitan in Education
With so many different subcategories within the "science" label, the possibilities for science expo projects are endless. Experiments that fit into the chemistry, biology, physics and earth science genres will almost always be effective if done properly. Try conducting a project that fits into a less typical science category, such as computer science or environmental science. ChemistryThe Ameri

What a Photographer Should Take to a Wedding Expo
by dmossakowski in Weddings
A great place for photographers to find potential new customers and business associates is at a wedding expo or bridal show. People from all over the country--and sometimes the globe--attend these events to find photographers to service their weddings and refer to clients and business associates. As a photographer, you can gain a considerable number of contacts and customers if you know what to ta

Family Expo Ideas
by Jarques in Parenting
Are you considering hosting a family expo? There are many things to consider when planning such a large event. Think about the time of year and where you will hold the event. Investigate what contracts need to be made to rent the space and secure vendors. Remember your budget. Finally, write down all your ideas for vendors, entertainment, food and activities. When this is complete you are ready to
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