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Differences with visual studio 2010 express and 2012 express for opening a c# project
by Roman in C & C++ & C#

I used the express 2010 version for work for a few months before upgrading my system to Windows 8 and visual studio 12 express. I tried running the visual studio for windows 8 but when i try to open my c# project from my 2010 it tells me that this edition only supports window store apps.

My question is which VS 2012 express version allows me to work on my C# projects?

Is it possible to write complex web applications (like StackOverflow) in VS Express? What is the first feature you miss in the express edition?
by Daniel E. Renfer in Programming Languages

Many applications (like StackOverflow) has been written by three developers (a small team), would have been possible to do the same job using VS Express Edition?

Which would have been the real differences? Whcih main feature is "enough" to justify the use of VS full edition?

i ask this question not for curiosity but because I want to understand the difference of VS Expre

Debugging Node/Express — require('express') creates a break
by pulkizine in Development Tools & Services

My fairly limited experience with Node and Express doesn't help, but I'm having trouble debugging the app from the terminal window. Here is the issue:

running node debug app.js returns:

< debugger listening on port 5858
connecting... ok
break in server.js:1
1 var express = require('express');

Is this the right wa

Create MSG files by automating Outlook Express with Visual Studio Express
by Edwin Goei in Programming Languages

I'm wondering if I can use outlook express to create .MSG files using Visual Studio Express

C# 2010 Express + SQL Server 2008 Express - Connection “Login failed”
by Virginia in Databases

I am actually developing a Windows Forms Application with Visual C# Express 2010 which would use (read/write) data from a SQL Server 2008 Express DB

I have created my DB with SQL Server Management Studio (2008 Express),
I understand the instance is named ATLELAG786576SQLEXPRESS
My DB is called 'TEST'

Looking at my DB 'TEST' Properties in SQL Se

express.js express-resource POST (create) req.body is undefined
by davidg in Development Tools & Services


Node 0.8 express.js/express-resource

// Configuration of Express Application for all environments
app.set('views', __dirname + '/views');
app.set('view engine', 'jade');

Opening non-express VS projects with Visual Studio 2010 Express
by Robert M in Programming Languages

Is it possible to open / edit a normal Visual Studio Solution with Visual Studio Express Edition ?

How to connect Visual Studio 2010 Express C# to SQL Server Express
by CurrentlyPissed in C & C++ & C#

Is there any real workaround to getting the Express edition of C# connected to database options other than the lightweight options allowed (Access, SQL Compact, or SQL file)? As has been noted elsewhere, it's possible in the web edition to do so. It has also been noted that you can create a project file, open it in the web edition, create a connection, and create a project with your database en

Connecting TFS 2012 express to sql server express installed on another PC
by Mexico in Databases

I have installed Team foundation server 2012 express.But i want tfs express to use SQL server express installed in another PC. Is there any option i can connect TFS express 2012 to sql server express installed in another PC?

How to share class files between visual c# express and web dev express?
by undeinpirat in C & C++ & C#

What if I want to make an application which supports both winform and webform, how do I setup the project files in visual studio or vstudio express ?

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