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DIY Expungement
by l1feh4ck3r in Legal
Expungement law allows a person convicted of a crime to file a petition to have the conviction removed from their record. Some jurisdictions erase the conviction from the petitioner's record, while others change the case from a conviction to a dismissal. For example, Illinois courts remove expunged convictions from the public record. However, California includes the record, but lists it as a case
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What Is an Expungement?
by Javier Pitalua in Legal
An expungement proceeding is designed to have the records of a prior criminal conviction destroyed, eliminated or sealed. The common phraseology associated with this type of process is "expunging a record." Each state as well as the federal judiciary has its own set of statutes, regulations and practices associated with the expungement process. Technically speaking, an expungement proceeding is
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California Expungement Law
by ArmHead in Legal
California law does allow expungement of your criminal record in certain cases, including convictions. The type of crime you committed and the sentence you received will generally determine whether or not you are entitled to expungement. Not all convictions can be expunged and some expunged convictions can still be used against you as a prior offense on a subsequent arrest. Eligibility for Expu

Expungement Tips
by uo7 in Legal
Criminal cases come back to haunt defendants many years later when employers and landlords avoid doing business with former criminals. Expungement is the process of erasing those past offenses from your record. Steps vary by state and by the type of offense, such as a misdemeanor versus a felony. Legal specialists suggest that consumers proceed with caution because unscrupulous legal advisers some
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The Effects of Expungement
by ShifterMSK in Legal
Expungement of criminal records is when the court sets aside any conviction, the defendant enters a plea of not guilty and the complaint against the defendant is dismissed. An expungement usually requires the completion of probation and a record clear of any other pending criminal charges. A criminal record has long-lasting effects on an individual’s life, including the ability to get a job,

Mississippi Expungement Law
by Radeon962 in Legal
Mississippi's expungement law involves a court-related action that erases or seals an arrest record or criminal conviction from public records. The process of expunging a record is often referred to as "setting aside a criminal conviction." Mississippi, like other states, has specific procedures to follow to take advantage of the process. EffectsApproval of the petition for expungement means th

Kentucky Expungement Law
by orneka in Legal
The Commonwealth of Kentucky will consider expunging the criminal records of individuals who have been convicted of misdemeanors or violations. However, these convictions must stem from the same incident. This applies only to convictions within Kentucky. Time FrameCourt proceedings may take place when five years have passed since your sentence or at the completion of your probation, if that com

Expungement Procedure
by Georgia in Legal
Expungement is a process in which a defendant or lawyer petitions the court to seal an arrest or conviction record. In some states or counties, the court seals the record from public view, but reopens the record if the individual commits another crime. Individuals seek expungement, in many cases, to apply for a job, remove an embarrassing mark or apply for rental housing. When a record is expung

Expungement Advice
by FodderMK in Legal
In the U.S., expungement laws vary by state. If you want a criminal record expunged, it's important to understand state laws, and discover if you qualify before attempting to file. For example, in most states, arrests for violent felonies cannot ever be expunged. DefinitionExpungement of records means correctional facilities will destroy files concerning your detainment.jail house image by Gina

Expungement Law in Kansas
by jcwagers in Legal
If you have a conviction on your criminal record in the state of Kansas, you may be able to have the conviction expunged. When a record has been expunged, it will not show up on any background checks including employment, renting a home or obtaining a professional license. Kansas has one of the more expansive expungement laws that allows misdemeanors and some felonies to be expunged if you meet th


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