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Chrome Extension [onConnect.addListener , port.postMessage] : How can I send msg from my extension to my extension installed over any pc?
by jwright30 in Web Design

As stated in the title, I would like to know how to send a message to my extension installed over any computers.

I used script.js (into background_page):

chrome.extension.onConnect.addListener(function(port) {
if(port.name == 'myport')
console.log(msg.text, msg.nick, msg.date);

I'm referencing an WiX extension in a WiX library project — how do I avoid having to reference this extension in other projects that use thi
by negonicrac in Programming Languages

I'm referencing a WiX extension in a WiX library project. This WiX library project is itself referenced by my main WiX MSI project. Why does the main project have to also reference the WiX extension, even though it doesn't directly need it?

I'd like to keep my wixlib's as self-contained as possible, so that other projects that use them don't need to know about their inner workings.<

Chrome Extension: How do I poll RSS Feeds to see if there is new content and display that as a number on the extension icon
by PrinceMyshkin in Development Tools & Services

I wonder if you could help a little.

I want to have a simple Extension, that shows the number of new items in a RSS feed since the extension was clicked.

It would poll every 2-3 mins for example and if the RSS feed is updated it should display a count of how many new items there are. I assume it has to set the setBadgeText field.

Any help would be greatly a

how to read fields extension starting from index 'n' in csv file based on their extension in java
by dfuze in Java

I had a requirement like, i want to test the file extension of the fields starting from index 10 in the following code:


In the above code i want to read the extesnsion of the fields starting from inedx 10(Bluehills.jpg and soon), to check whether it is valid extension or not.


Chrome Extension: onclick extension icon, open popup.html in new tab
by Pradeep Gowda in Web Design

I have created a chrome extension and managed to open the popup.html file using window.open. however I want to open it in a new tab, I've tried lots of different ways including:

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
chrome.tabs.create('url': 'popup.html');

Am I just placing the code in the wrong place or

How to determine if a particular Chrome Browser Extension is installed, with no relationship to the Extension Provider
by rgmarcha in Programming Languages

How can I determine if a particular Chrome Browser Extension is installed, with no relationship to the Extension Provider?

It is a 'content script' (i.e. javascript running in the context of a web page) and so does not have access to chrome.i18n, chrome.extension, chrome.management objects.

The scenario is, a person has clicked on a link to an RSS feed. But as at curren

Adobe CS Extension Builder Facebook login from Extension. error #3200
by picamiolo in Programming Languages

I am building extension for Adobe Indesign using Adobe CS Extension Builder and Flash Builder.
I want to login with facebook from extension, I'm using http://code.google.com/p/facebook-actionscript-api/ (desktop) but when i call FacebookDesktop.login(); i receive this error

Error: Error #3200: Cannot perform operation on closed window.
at Error$/throwError()

Can chrome.management.onInstalled.addListener alert extension A when extension B is installed?
by aafr in Web Design

Here's my code:

if($("input:checked").length > 0) {
function(tab) {
chrome.management.onInstalled.addListener(function(info){alert("Installed A");});

Is there an extension or a way to write an extension for firefox that allows a developer to refresh a page, but discard POST data?
by Nulq in Programming Languages

I'm a developer, and I spend much of my day refreshing the webapps I work on. Occasionally, I'll encounter pages where POST data was submitted, and firefox will prompt me to Resend POST data or to Cancel.

Now, I know that I can just redirect a page to itself to get rid of this warning, but I still want to keep this warning for our users; I just want to be able to skip it while de

Extension 'Class': Good use of extension methods and increase code readability… or bad smell?
by Neil Redfern in Programming Languages

So I've been dealing with several APIs recently provided by different software vendors for their products. Sometimes things are lacking, sometimes I just want to make the code more readable, and I'm trying to avoid a ton of static methods where they don't belong to "get what I need" from the APIs. Thus, I've found myself writing quite a few extension methods.

However, because there

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