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What Are the Causes of Eyeglass Glare?
by Mpalle in Health
Glare is produced when light bends, or refracts, and the particles scatter along the surface of an object. Eyeglass glare can be frustrating, but it can be minimized through proper eye care and protective lenses. CausesGlare can be caused by the sun's reflection on car windshields or pavement, or by bright headlights. Indoor lights, such as computer screens, can also cause glare.

Eyeglass Repair
by Nothingness in Health
It never happens at a convenient time. Just when you need to wear your eyeglasses, they break, and you have no time to take them to a specialist for repairs. So, you will have to repair them, yourself, knowing well that any repairs you make are temporary. Glasses that are not professionally repaired can materially affect your vision, so take those glasses to a vision center soon so they can be eit
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About Eyeglass Frames
by mndoci in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Eyeglass frames long ago ceased to be merely a functional object. They have transcended their utilitarian origins as simple vision correctors to become not only a necessity of life but a fashion staple. Today's frames run the gamut from high-priced designer baubles to affordable, durable essentials--and everything in between. HistoryItalian Salvino D'Armate is often credited with being the inve

DIY Eyeglass Cords
by GAM3RIG in Health
Eyeglass cords are of great assistance in avoiding misplacing your eyeglasses. Although many optometrists will provide eyeglass cords when you purchase a new pair of eyeglasses, you can easily make your own from any thin fabric material to add a personal touch. You can add beads of any size to any of the suggestions for making eyeglass cords for a decorative flair. YarnMeasure a length of any c
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DIY Eyeglass Cases
by br0wn in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Create a padded eyeglass case from pre-quilted fabric. Select a fabric and bias-trim to suit your style. Leopard print with bright pink trim is fun and fashionable. Select a plaid and finish it in navy blue for a masculine version. You can even find fabrics imprinted with your favorite team's logo. These cases can be made very quickly, so you can create one for every person on your gift list. Make
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80s Eyeglass Styles
by doubledeluxe in Culture & Society
The 1980s was a time for crazy fashion and bright accessories. Hair was big, designs were crazy and colors were bright. Eyeglasses and sunglasses during this decade mirrored the fad. The Prop Specs website says that large, multi-colored, gaudy glasses were in during the 80s. Actor and comedian Michael Meyers wore this style during a "Saturday Night Live" skit, "Cawfee Tawk." Large-Rimmed Eyegla
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How to Fix Eyeglass Frames
by Nidleb in Health
Wearing eyeglasses daily can lead to a lot of wear and tear on the frames and lenses, especially on hinges, causing damage over time. Sometimes accidents lead to broken or bent frames. Fixing the glasses yourself can be easy, and it saves a trip to the optometrist and the wait for repairs. While some fixes may not last forever, they will temporarily save you time and money.Difficulty:ModerateInstr
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How to Replace an Eyeglass Pad
by pmaiorana in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Eyeglasses sit on the bridge of your nose and can cause discomfort when the frame presses into the side of the nose. To prevent or alleviate any irritation, eyeglass pads are placed on the section of the frame that touches the sides of the nose. Removing these nose pads regularly and replacing them with new ones will make the glasses fit more comfortably. You will need lens cleaning supplies, whic
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Eyeglass Tools
by wolf1306 in Health
Eyeglass tools are similar to regular tools, but an optician's toolbox contains some unique tricks of the trade. For instance, the top of an eyeglass screwdriver rotates so you can apply pressure with the palm of your hand while turning the handle of the screwdriver with your fingers. Retail eyeglass repair kits usually contain a small ordinary screwdriver and a few screws, but the kits are not co
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Eyeglass Components
by Jérôme in Health
The basic components of eyeglasses consist of frames, lenses and lens coatings. There are many materials and options available when constructing a pair of glasses, making it possible for consumers to truly customize their eyeglasses.
Style, durability and safety are all things an eyeglass wearer should consider. Most component materials currently used are safe for sensitive skin and reduce

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