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How to Read Famous Poems by Famous Poets
by bkircher in Arts & Entertainment
Of all the forms of written expression, poetry is the one most likely to either set readers scratching their heads in confusion or running toward the nearest exit in panic. For a lot of adults, the first introduction to poetry was in grade school and not only carried the challenge of interpreting an author's true meaning but also having to memorize entire selections for class presentation and/or e

How to Get Famous
by Chook2330 in Arts & Entertainment
While some people may resort to hard work and talent to become famous, most of us have to do something crazy, dangerous or just plain stupid to get our moment in the sun. Knowing the best way to find celebrity and invite media attention helps but dumb luck and video is what's really required.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Buy a video camera and entrust it to a friend with clear i
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What Were the '70s Famous for?
by pansapiens in Culture & Society
The 1970s were a time of transition for the United States. It was the decade when the Apollo moon missions ended, National Guard soldiers fired on peaceful protesters at Kent State University and the United States withdrew from Vietnam. It was also the decade when the environmental movement went mainstream, a president was forced to resign, the home computer was introduced and punk rock was born.
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How to Become Famous
by cashshadow in Careers & Job Searching
Fame can be fleeting, but it can also be a magical experience for the person in the spotlight. Whether walking the red carpet, publishing in respected and influential magazines or taking a place in the record books, becoming famous requires patience and strategy.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Find and hone your talent. Famous actors, writers, physicists and explorers all discovered their pa
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How to Become Famous on AQW
by mndoci in Internet
AQW, also known as "Adventure Quest Worlds" is a free MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) available for anyone with Internet access. Players have the ability to join with friends, fight monsters, adopt pets and complete quests within a virtual, in-browser world. Becoming famous in AQW is possible with various methods, depending on your objectives and goals with your AQW characte
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How to Become Famous After 40
by Navin in Arts & Entertainment
Many people have become famous after 40 like Toni Morrison who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, Clara Baron who founded the American Red Cross, and Julia Child who starred on the television show, "The French Chef." The best years of your life are those after 40. Make the best of them, and become famous after 40 by following these tips.Difficulty:EasyInstructions To become famous aft

Famous Old Inventions
by evisseliaib in Business
Several inventions changed the world. Some are so old that it is difficult to imagine life before these changes, such as fire and the wheel. A current invention that has changed the current world is social networking. In between these earth-changing inventions there were others that have made last imprints on how we live. Health InventionsSome people said the car would not last.George Marks/Ret

What Is New Jersey Famous For?
by soonk in Travel
New Jersey, also known as the "Garden State," was one of the original 13 colonies prior to the founding of the United States in 1776. In its early history, New Jersey was the site of famous American Revolutionary moments, including the Battle of Trenton and George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River. In the present day, New Jersey's landmarks have inspired films, board games and annual fes
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Famous Paintings of God
by Triumph in Arts & Entertainment
Images of God are powerful, deeply spiritual and meaningful to millions around the world. Often artists depict God as a noble figure, such as a king wearing robes, a crown and sitting on a throne. God also appears in animal form, portrayed as a dove, or in a mysterious image of the human eye. For centuries artists have painted God in many forms to inspire people of different faiths to believe in
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Famous Cemeteries in the US
by Spasas in Travel
A cemetery may not initially make your vacation itinerary, but some cemeteries deserve special attention. Whether you're interested in visiting a grandiose military cemetery, a New England historic cemetery, one of the most important resting places for the rich and famous or even a haunted cemetery, the U.S. has what you're looking for in terms of cemeteries. A Military CemeteryArlington Nation

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