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Is there an FLVPlayback onHttpError?
by Dariosky in Programming Languages

I'm able to tell if an image path was file-not-found or not, because I can attach to the loaders httpStatus. I can't find anything similar for an FLV (not using streaming).

EDIT - this is what I'm trying to do, although this code doesn't work:

flv.addEventListener(HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS, httpStatusHandler);
private function httpStatusHandler(event:HTTPStatus

How to Use FlashVars and FLVPlayback in AS3
by Denmark in Internet
The FlashVars elements let you customize the variables you send to the Flash animation embedded in your Web page. The FLVPlayback function lets you play a video in your Flash app. You use these two Flash concepts to send data to the Flash application code and play a video you want to dynamically You add the variables in the HTML of your code, and add the functionality for the playback options in t

AS3 Video Playback with FLVPlayback
by bps in Programming Languages

I am using the code below to load some data from an .xml file.
I am preloading all data (Audio Paths, Video Paths including a video from xml.

When everything is loaded complete i am loading the video in Frame 2 on FLVPlayback 2.5 with this code:

videoPlayer.source = videofile;

The problem is that the video shows a white screen for 3-4 seconds

How to Call Different Clips Into FLVPlayback Using a URL
by Nate-X in Computers
FLVPlayback is an Adobe Flash code that allows you to place streaming FLV videos into your Flash application or website. You can source these videos from either your hard drive or an Internet URL. If you do the latter, the FLV videos will stream in real time on viewers' computers, avoiding lengthy loading or download times. Using the FLVPlayback code in your Flash application is simple.Difficulty:

FLVPlayback components flicker
by Norway in Programming Languages


I found a flash based video play that will go through a play a series of videos that it read from a XML file. This work for my needs, but it had 1 issue. All it had was a signal custom play/stop button and I need a full control.

So I made a component with the standard PlayPauseButton, StopButton, SeekBar, VolumeBar, and MuteButton FLV components.

So I th

FLVPlayBack not scaling to fullscreen
by Derek in Programming Languages

I'm trying to make an instance of FLVPlayBack run in fullscreen, without affecting the rest of the application.

According to stuff I've read, I have set the players scale mode so it will fit the window when its scaled up.

flvPlayer.scaleMode = "exactFit";

And in order to stop the stage from scaling up I've also set the stage's scale mode too.


FLVPlayback, go fullscreen smooth?
by Trevor Cortez in Programming Languages

Im looking into using and customizing FLVPlayback in a project. How to go about this is clear, but I noticed 1 anoying thing. When going fullscreen, first Flash player goes fullscreen and then briefly shows the FLVPlayback component in its original size, before jumping to show the video itself fullscreen.

I noticed on Youtube this doesnt happen. How can I escape this 'flicker' and h

FLVPlayBack: don't load flv until prompted to
by Ernie in Web Design

Is it possible to configure FLVPlayback so that it does not auto-load the associated video file, but instead waits for a click on a "play" button to load and then play it? (I'm building a site that will have a player for a rather large video on its front page, and I'd rather not have the video downloaded unless/until the user asks to see it.) I already have autoplay set to false, but I can stil

FLVPlayback - replay counter
by Colin Henry in Programming Languages

Is there a way to output in the text filed a number of how many times the video looped? (how many times it has played)

Thanks, Yan

Audio FLVPlayback not working
by Simon Dick in Programming Languages

I currently have an SWF application that records audio and saves it to FMS. Then inside Flash Professional I'm trying to use a FLVPlayback Component to play the recording, but it never plays.

The recording is saved here: RootInstall/applications/myapp/streams/folder/audioFile.flv

Then I have my FLVPlayback component source looking at rtmp://server-ip/m


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