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How to Store Fresh Parsley or Fresh Cilantro Longer in Your Refrigerator and Save Money
by acheron in Food & Drink
Fresh parsley and cilantro are herbs that are common ingredients in recipes but can be fairly expensive. You might use only a small amount and end up leaving the rest to turn into green goo in your crisper drawer. Saving the herbs can be a worthwhile endeavor.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Paper towels
Resealable bag or produce bag

Rinse the pa

How do I Keep Fresh Flowers Fresh at a Science Fair?
by cynix in Home & Garden
Most florists give away packets of plant food when you buy fresh flowers. These packets are designed to kill bacteria, yeasts and fungi that would cause the plant to wilt faster. However, if you don't have one of these packets, there are substitutes you can use to achieve the same effect and keep your flowers fresh through the science fair.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

What Keeps Fresh Cut Flowers Fresh the Longest?
by soonk in Home & Garden
While nothing can prevent the eventual wilting of cut flowers, there are actions you can take to delay the process and enjoy the blooms as long as possible. Preserving cut flowers involves supplying the blooms with nourishment and protecting them from bacteria that can accumulate in standing water. Proper CutTend to the stems of your cut flowers as soon as you receive them. Use a sharp, non-ser

How to Keep Fresh Cut Lilac Bushes Fresh
by Micah in Home & Garden
The scent of a bouquet of freshly cut lilacs is a sure sign of spring. They are an old-fashioned garden perennial that blooms mid-spring to early summer in a color range from white to pink to bluish purple. The woody stems of lilac need special care when creating bouquets. Cut lilacs need water to keep the delicate blossoms from wilting, so put them in a vase as soon as possible. Air seals the cut

How to Keep Fresh-Cut Daisies & Carnations Fresh
by Edwin41 in Home & Garden
Many gardeners grow beautiful flowers to showcase in their homes. Unfortunately, a few days after being plucked from the garden, flowers wilt and die. Daises and carnations are two popular flower types many people choose to accent their homes with. Caring for these flowers after they are cut requires no extra effort or time-consuming techniques, only a pair of shears and some fresh water.Difficult

Ways to Keep Cut Fresh Flowers Fresh
by Red Storm in Home & Garden
In addition to using home remedies for keeping flowers fresh for longer periods of time, it is also important to make sure that you use clean and fresh water and that you place the flowers containers and vases. The quality of the flowers also counts as better quality flowers also stay fresh longer. Cut properly the stems, place the flowers in fresh air and out of direct sunlight. Maintain a cool,

How to Keep Fresh Cut Roses Fresh Longer
by jason166 in Home & Garden
Fresh cut roses provide a sweet-smelling addition to any home. Whether you have cut them from your own rose garden or received them as a gift, keep roses fresh for longer periods. The key to keeping cut roses fresh is to make sure they have optimal moisture and a cool environment.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Fresh roses
Floral preserv

What Keeps Fresh Roses Fresh
by Boyer C. in Home & Garden
Working with fresh roses is rewarding in that the time to enjoy them is extended and they are healthier and more attractive during that time. It is not difficult to care for flowers, and the tools required are readily available at home. The roses should be on display for maximum enjoyment whenever someone is in the home to appreciate them. At other times they can be placed in cool darker areas so

How Is Fresh Fruit Kept Fresh?
by Jimmy G. in Food & Drink
Fruits is an essential part of a healthy diet, which means purchasing and storing fruit is necessary. Some may deem the process of purchasing and storing fruit a headache, as fruit doesn't stay fresh for an extended amount of time. However, with a little bit of knowledge and a few steps, fresh fruit can be kept fresh for quite some time, which will also potentially save money.Difficulty:Moderatel

How to Keep Fresh Cut Mint Fresh
by Griff in Home & Garden
Fresh cut mint is often used in summer recipes, iced tea and as garnish for desserts. Many people like to grow their own mint to save money while others purchase bagged mint from their local market. But for those familiar with using fresh cut mint, it can be very frustrating how short a life span cut mint has. Once cut, mint can wilt and rot very quickly. At this point, it has lost all its potent
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