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Facebook “apprequest” dialog asks for facebook login where as app is already logged it to facebook
by DJ-phYre in Operating Systems

I'm following example of facebook authentication


for Login i've used:

[FBSession openActiveSessionWithPermissions:permissions allowLoginUI:YES
completionHandler:^(FBSession *session, FBSessionState status, NSError *error) {

Facebook client crashes facebook SSO login dialog after changing facebook password
by LinAdmin in Programming Languages

I have encountered a crash using SSO to login to facebook. I could not find any reports in any of the forums of anything similar.

When we change user password on facebook site, within about 15 seconds android facebook client will notify user via notification bar that facebook authentication failed. If user reacts and logs in, our application SSO will pick up new token with no prob

Facebook application published on a Facebook fan page… not facebook profile?
by ShiggityShaw in Development Tools & Services

I have a Facebook profile of my own, and asociated to this Facebook profile I have a Facebook fan page,,, and I developed a Facebook application that now days is published on Facebook.

What I want is to asociate this Facebook App not to my profile but to my fan page... I mean,,, I know that so I can create a Facebook App or a Facebook Fan Page I've to have a Facebook profile account

Does facebook-ios-sdk use the iOS 6 Facebook integration to support sign-on without opening the native Facebook app?
by dEXterz in Operating Systems

I'm trying to figure out whether the latest facebook-ios-sdk (v3.0.8) is supposed to automatically make use of the new iOS 6 Facebook integration to support "Login with Facebook" without delegating to the native Facebook app.

The post at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/howtos/login-with-facebook-using-ios-sdk/ says "In iOS 6, Apple is introducing Facebook integration built into

Logging in with Facebook access_token to Facebook Javascript sdk without using facebook login popup
by robvp in Javascript

I am using javascript sdk for login to facebook in my app. But actually i dont want to use facebook login popup else i wanted to use my site login screen where user is going to enter his fb credentials and after clicking on connect with fb he will login to fb.

Posting to Facebook page from Facebook application without login to facebook
by Rineau in Programming Languages

i am trying to post into a Facebook Page using PHP.
I have created a Facebook application, and
I am able to post into regular accounts FEED, using the very helpful code i found out in : Daily Automatic post in facebook users wall .

to summarize it does:

$facebook = new Facebook(array('appId' => 'xxxxxxxx',
'secret' =&

how i can get Facebook seesion key and facebook token access from cookies facebook
by Cadu in Development Tools & Services

i used the facebook cookies fbs_FacebookApplicationKey to get Facebook seesion key and facebook token access
now the facebook name is changed to fbsr_FacebookApplicationKey and i see it is encrypted
how i can get Facebook seesion key and facebook token access from cookies facebook
or from graph

post on facebook page wall as facebook admin through facebook php api
by acolomba in PHP

I would like to post feed to facebook page wall as page admin. I can publish post to facebook wall with publish_stream from fb php api, but it is just as a normal facebook user. May I know how can I do likewise as a page admin (meaning that the post publish from facebook page and not from other fb user on the page wall)? Thank you. It is urgent.


how to avoid direct facebook login in my website?? facebook session will be load when i click the facebook login button
by YBS1 in Coding

plz give me an idea to overcome this situation.

Im using facebook login on my website.

if user already login facebook then he enters my website.
Automatically my home page enters with facebook login session.

but my requirement is whether the user already sign in or not in facebook my home page/landing page loads with facebook login button.


Adobe Facebook API Facebook.login VS Facebook.ui popups
by maniacalpha1-1 in Web Design

I'm currently building an application using the Adobe Facebook API and I've run into an issue where for the login method the Facebook login popup displays but when doing a Facebook share/post the popup is blocked.

This code works fine and displays me a Facebook login popup without question (Firefox):

var permissions:Array = ['publish_stream'];
Facebook.login( onF


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