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Failed to deploy an application into device like iPad-Linker command failed with Exit code 1
by Allan in Programming Languages

I am a beginner in native application.I am developing applications using Objective C as front end , SUP as middleware and SAP as backend.I have a valid provisioning certificate with a valid bundle identifier.I tried deploying one of my simple applications into the device(iPAD) which is not having any connection to the backend,and only having some basic navigations from one screen to another.And

Login failed for user “xxx” Failed to open the explicitly specified database solution
by Deledrius in Programming Languages

Im using entity framework code first. When starting the application the application tries to create the database on SQLServer2008R2.

The error message that I'm receiving is:

"Login failed for user "NT instansNetworkservice" Failed to open the explicitly specified database"

After looking more carefully at the problem in the SQLServer log i can see that the

nginx and unicorn bad gatewayconnect() to unix:/tmp/mobile.socket failed AND failed (111: Connection refused)
by jwright30 in Programming Languages

I am (trying) to set up an ubuntu 11.04 server on rackspace to run a rails 3.2 app with nginx and unicorn.
I found this awesome blog http://techbot.me/2010/08/deployment-recipes-deploying-monitoring-and-securing-your-rails-application-to-a-clean-ubuntu-10-04-install-using-nginx-and-unicorn/ that has helped me massively and apart from mysql setup issues I think I have everything nailed exce

Error: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! when read JSON data using for loops
by Gurpreet Singh in Programming Languages

I am creating a webapp that gathers all comment of twitter users about some keyword (in PHP), and I using this URL: http://search.twitter.com/search.json.

Problem is: I use for loop to retrieve all comments, and when it comes to page 21, it throws this error:

Warning: file_get_contents(http://search.twitter.com/search.json?page=21&max_id=254777971188039680&q=l

Input type date in html 5 prefilled/restore failed after validation failed on mobile device
by nonkelhans in Programming Languages

In my project, I use spring mvc and jsp for the front-end.
I have a form with mandatory fields: "subject" and "deadline".
The controller, the validation and the jsp works correctly.

The jsp (input.jsp):

<jsp:root version="2.0" xmlns:jsp="http://java.sun.com/JSP/Page"

Procedure failed to run shows error: Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string
by George Garchagudashvili in Databases

I have written a simple procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_GetPublishedDocs2]
@FromDate as Datetime


SET @strSQL='SELECT * From Task WHERE 1=1 '

IF @FromDate <>'1/1/1900'

SET @strSQL = @strSQL + ' AND Task.CreatedDate >= '+Cast(@FromDate as Datetime)


flex : Random NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed
by Ed. in Web Design

We are experiencing some random NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed when using the flex 4 mx.messaging.channels::SecureAMFChannel

We have never had this problem in our local servers (server/client on the same machine), but when we went live, some users experienced this problem randomely (about 5% of the 800 beta users).

Lately, at last i was able to reproduce the p

MuleStudio - Error failed failed to load the JNI shared library
by Mikebob in Web Design

I have Windows 7 installation with 32 bit JDK.

When I try to run MuleStudio.exe I get the following error:

Re-login in Flex causing Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Status 500: url
by Israel in Programming Languages

We are having a problem with re-login in our Flex application using Flex 4, BlazeDS and WebLogic 10.3.5.

The use case causing problems is like the following:

Starting application in a browser.
Redirect to login form page with j_security_check action.
Logging in and using the application.
Hitting the "Back" button in the browser.
Coming to the login form

RSpec: Stack trace of failed shared examples is useless (doesn't give any hint which spec really failed)
by Pat in Programming Languages

I'm currently diving into shared examples of RSpec.

The following spec didn't pass:

1) ActivityType Activities #index behaves like a sortable list of activities behaves like a sortable list indicates the sorted column on load
Failure/Error: page.should have_css('th:nth(5).tablesorter-headerAsc')
expected css "th:nth(5).tablesorter-headerAsc" to

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