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How Does the Fair Trade Commission Enforce the Fair Credit Billing Act?
by Al Velella in Personal Finance
The Federal Trade Commission enforces the Fair Credit Billing Act through two mechanisms. First, as the law's administrative agency, the FTC guarantees you certain rights in the investigation and settlement of a billing dispute. Second, the agency may bring complaints to court and alert other law enforcement officials about FCBA violators. FCBA GuaranteesThe FCBA was passed in 1974 as an additi

Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Policy
by sham63 in Legal
The Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) policy helps homeowners who live in high-risk areas purchase affordable property insurance. The homeowner must first conduct his due diligence to find an insurance policy through a private insurance company for admittance in this high-risk group policy. Home LocationsTo qualify for high-risk insurance pools through the FAIR policy, a homeowner's

Difference Between Fair Value & Fair Market Value
by witeken in Business
Fair value of an asset is determined by using mathematical models in the finance theory. The fair value determined through these models can be substantially different from the fair market value of the same asset in certain cases. The fair market value is determined by the market forces and the demand and supply for a certain product or service. Why is Fair Value Different From Fair Market Valu

How to Become Fair
by maniacalpha1-1 in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
"One ray the more, one ray the less
Had half impaired the nameless grace"
---Lord Byron
I personally believe having dark or fair skin does not matter as long as you have a healthy skin. If you eat a balanced diet, exercise properly and maintain a good routine you tend to be healthier, happier and have that l
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Can You Get a Job From a Job Fair?
by sinisterDei in Business
You absolutely can get a job from a job fair -- as long as you avoid common errors such as forgetting to bring a resume, not knowing anything about the company or stating "I'll take anything" when asked about areas of interest. Don't make the mistake of thinking that a job fair is necessarily less legitimate than a regular job interview. Employers can -- and occasionally do -- make offers on the s
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What Happens at a Job Fair?
by björnen in Business
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What Is Fair Value?
by boomhower in Business
Fair value is an accounting method by which companies must value assets under the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines. FASB issued Financial Accounting Standard (FAS) 157 to help accountants understand the proper valuation of assets against current market conditions. Unfortunately, FAS 157 made it problematic to value assets during an economic downturn, leading to some difficult
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How to Put on a Job Fair
by br0wn in Business
Job fairs are beneficial to employers and potential employees, especially in an economic downturn. A job fair enables companies to distribute information about their businesses, as well as recruit quality candidates. Job-seekers attending a job fair are able to review a variety of companies that might interest them and whose open positions may match their skills and interests. The following provid
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How to Run a Job Fair
by Vietnam in Careers & Job Searching
A job fair is held so that businesses can gather in one place and present their companies for potential employees to see and fill out applications. Some companies will also conduct interviews at this time to screen potential applicants for the final interview. If you are interested in setting up a job fair, you need to know how to run a job fair so that each company has enough room to conduct busi
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What to Do at a Job Fair?
by RomanMtz in Business
Even the most well-educated and experienced workers sometimes are without employment. When this happens, career fairs may get you back on track. At a career fair, representatives from dozens of different companies are available to look for new recruits and promote their businesses. To catch the eye of one or more of these representatives, you have to spend the time at the fair well. Companies o
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