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Requests to /favicon.ico consistently returns the Subversion favicon.ico but I can't find the configuration resulting in this
by evisseliaib in Development Tools & Services

On one of my servers which is being used for some internal development spaces and the likes, are configured with Apache, Git, Subversion among other things. The VirtualHost configuration is nothing out of the ordinary and I thought I had full control and understanding of this server's configuration and how it runs. I guess I was wrong. I recently discovered that all requests, no matter what Vir

favicon - all new browzers request favicon while loading page?
by Lucas Thompson in Software

All new browsers & mobile browsers make additional request to favicon.ico while loading page?

And from what version of Internet Explorer/Firefox, this browsers start to request favicon.ico?

They do it only on first page load or on every page load?

When request to favicon.ico take place: a) while page loading b) afte

howto stop apache matching /favicon with /favicon.ico
by Creig in Programming Languages

I have site running with apache mod_rewrite and php

In my public_html folder i have diss .htaccess file

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^([0-9a-z]+)$ index.php?reurl=$1

this works fine if there are no files in that directory with the same name. so for example /favicon would match the file /favicon.ico and the RewriteRule woul

HTML: can my favicon be on a CDN instead of /favicon.ico?
by kevotheclone in Web Design

Does my favicon.ico have to be stored at the root of my domain? Or can I have my favicon stored on another domain?

Meaning, from www.example.com, is this valid?

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://MY-CDN.example.com/favicon.ico" />

What I want to do is serve my www.example.com favicon from my CDN. Is this okay? Any negatives I should know

favicon.png vs favicon.ico - why should I use PNG's instead of ICO's?
by Matt Brewer in Web Design

Other than the fact that PNG is a more common image format, is there any technical reason to favor favicon.png vs. favicon.ico?

I'm supporting modern browsers which all support PNG favorite icons.

How do I set my favicon?
by LDam in Programming Languages

How do I set my Favicon in my ASP.Net MVC2 application?

The .ico file is already in the Content folder, now what do I do?

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How to Add Favicon in ASP.NET
by Lucas Thompson in Internet
Many Internet surfers are accustomed to seeing favicons in their Web browsers. These tiny icons often appear in a browser's address bar after a Web page loads. Favicons allow ASP.NET site owners to express their creativity by designing icon images that reflect the diverse personalities of their sites. Sometimes, as with the CNN favicon, the icon consists of the site's logo. If a site makes a favic
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How to Add a Favicon to IE8
by 02ranger in Internet
A favicon is a shortcut icon that is displayed at top of your Web browser in your browser tab, next to your website name. This is usually a company's logo or a single word, as there is not much space. A shortcut icon file is just a small image file. This is then uploaded to your site and HTML code is used that allows Web browsers to recognize it. To make a favicon work in Internet Explorer 8 requi
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dynamic svg favicon?
by Aires in Web Design

i have an icon in the SVG format.
i want to have it in different colors as favicon.

how to reach this?

since there isn't any toDataUrl() for SVG elements i don't see any solution without a server round trip.

i would even say that it isn't possible, but hopefully i'm wrong

any idea for a client side solution?

it doesn't need to be cross bro

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favicon animation
by Nick Pegg in Web Design

While visiting Dean Edward's site, I saw that the favicon was animated ;). Cute. But how does one do that?

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