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Facebook Android SDK, posting feed through feed dialog by defining predefined content
by Vietnam in Android

Its strange that I am using right code to make dialog with predefined content. But it isn't working :( guide me if I am wrong, thanks


Bundle params = new Bundle();
params.putString("message", "Predef Message");
Facebook facebook = new Facebook("APP_ID");
facebook.dialog(this, "feed", params, new DialogListener(){

ASP.NET RSS feed error in link tag in item node? Issue with Razor in Umbraco RSS Feed
by vasil in Programming Languages

Having an issue with creating an rss feed against a blog in umbraco using razor. The code below works but as soon as I try and add any value into the link tag under the item node I get an xml error, below is the code.

<rss version="2.0">

How to link your facebook feed dialog news feed to your app in itunes app store? - iphone
by waggy in Development Tools & Services

I am using the facebook feed dialogs as mentioned here:

to post a newsfeed on the users wall. There are 2 problems though:
The link to my app is not coming up, so It says via Cool Social App , but without any hyperlinks.
How do I make it show the hyper link?
Secondly, I would like the hyperlink to nav

Combining items in an rss feed in yahoo pipes to create a summary or digest feed
by Kapishin in Programming Languages

I need a yahoo pipe design that allows me to pull the field items from:

And turn them into a digest post.

For example:
Instead of 10 posts of different flight options, a new feed is created that merges the last 2 days worth of feed items into 1 new "readers digest" or summary style feed.

How to Manage & Control Livestock Feed in Small Feed Supply Retail Business
by Steven Weber in Business
To successfully manage and control livestock feed inventory in a small retail business, you need to set up an inventory and control system. This can be done manually, but it's more efficient if you use a computer accounting system. A computer accounting system will help you track how much inventory you have, what you are running low on and how much you have sold, which will help you understand you

Google AJAX Feed API, Dynamic Feed Control and the Japnese Language
by Guilherme Costa in Web Design

English is fine but for Japanese feeds its showing invalid characters...

why i am getting invalid characters in Japnese feeds?

not in english?

help me fix for japnese feeds..

RSS Video Feed Enhancement - Need to get duration on items that dont include it in feed
by MikeT in Programming Languages

I have a working DNLA device (Xbox360, PSP...) RSS Video feed reader in C#. It parses .opml files to get the feed uri.

Sometimes an RSS feed item will not have a duration value, so I am hard coding a default duration value when it doesn't.

I want to get the true duration of the video file.

My idea is to use httpWebRequest to get a byte stream and seek out t

JQuery: Asynchronously loading DIV tag(only) with latest feed using Google-Ajax-Feed-API
by GunnarHafdal in Web Design

I am writing a code using Google-Ajax-Feed-API to get latest feeds from some site. I want the feeds to be checked for update every(say 1 secs?). I am able to retrieve the blogs but not able to refresh the DIV tags. Any help will be useful.

<script type="text/javascript">
google.load("feeds", "1");

How can i post an existing custom action or object to my page/feed or even me/feed?
by Raphaël Slinckx in Operating Systems

POST me/feed?&type=post&message='hey again'&attachment={action/object ID}

When i create an action and object instance in the graph, i can't figure out how to add it to my application's feed. I'm in iOS.

Really i want to just Post the original {namespace:action} directly to a web page and not to my own feed. It's a work around so that i can access all my frien

Reverse line feed or another solution for continuous feed out of sync (matrix)
by Dennis Caldwell in Programming Languages

I use continuous 5" form (preprinted) with my invoice application and it seems that many matrix printers do not support this 5" form length. Now the key problem is that while printing just one form, two other forms needs to be thrown out as well with linefeed to tear out, since the FF code causes continuous form to be out of sync. I need to keep form in sync so that next time software prints to


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