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The Difference Between Upward Feedback & 360 Degree Feedback
by Brazen in Business
In the 1980s, a movement started that focused on evaluation of employees and managers for strengths and productivity. Prior to that period, no specific technique was being used. Both managers and employees are evaluated on their performance and productivity through evaluation methods such as upward feedback and 360 degree feedback. Upward AssessmentsMany organizations use upward feedback as a t

apple push notification feedback service - i can not get anything from the feedback service
by findcontrol in Operating Systems

when I connect to the feedback service, it can successfully connected, but i get nothing from the feedback service.

i have uninstall the app from my device, and push again, and then connect to feedback service, but i still get nothing, even the next day.

Any idea?

What Is Bio Feedback?
by Thyrius in Health
Biofeedback is a technique wherein patients train to improve their health through attempting to control physical internal processes that usually occur involuntarily. These processes include blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature and muscle tension. Special biofeedback machinery is used to measure the internal activities of a patient, and the information is displayed on a screen. Physicians a
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360 Feedback Method
by Coder Blues in Careers & Job Searching
The 360 feedback method utilizes comments from all parties the employee comes in contact with, whereas many employee reviews source from the employer only. One of the main purposes of 360 feedback is to give employees a buffer between management opinion and what is actually going through the minds of customers. DefinitionWith standard employee feedback (also called 180 degrees), the employee is
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About Bio Feedback Techniques
by joth in Health
Biofeedback techniques are methods for gaining control over body processes by means of increasing awareness. These techniques have been studied since the 1950s and have shown successful results in treating 41 disorders, as reported by C. Yucha et al (see Resources). HistoryThe first clinical data supporting the possibility of biofeedback techniques dates back to the work of Neil E. Miller, the

How to React to Feedback
by AFurryReptile in Careers & Job Searching
Feedback gives someone the chance to evaluate your performance. It usually consists of comments that are neutral, positive and negative. They may also pass along a suggestion or a question. Sometimes there is a chance for the person to rate experience as well. It feels great to receive positive feedback but you can learn a lot from negative feedback. Think of feedback as an opportunity to improve
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The Importance of Feedback
by Alpha0mega in Relationships & Family
Feedback is the channel through which you can address issues with your partner. Each partner deserves to know what the other is thinking about important issues and to have his concerns aired in an open, loving manner. You can also provide positive feedback to your partner to let her know you notice the good things she does. Course CorrectionIf there is an issue that you feel is affecting the qu

How to Evaluate Feedback
by Bernhard in Business
Opinions are everywhere, but how do you cut through the clutter to determine which feedback is valuable and helpful?Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Evaluate feedback. Be clear about what is being evaluated.Before determining how to evaluate feedback, consider what you are evaluating. For example, if you are reviewing feedback on your sales techniques, think about what you need to do to

ItemizedOverlay Feedback
by wcf in Programming Languages

I have an ItemizedOverlay which I add to a MapView which is displayed inside a Fragment.

What I want to do is be able to feed back to the Fragment when the overlay's onTap method is called. So in iOS I would create a delegate and make the Fragment the delegate of the overlay. How should I do it in android?

jdbc4olap feedback
by Brian in Web Design

I've stumbled upon jdbc4olap (note that I know about olap4j and the like).

As my Google search has failed, I'm looking for some direct feedback from the community. Is this project used outside Prelytis? Any comment?

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