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Types of Feeding for Tube Feeding Management
by Bernhard in Health
For patients in healthcare facilities, tube feeding management consists of checking for tolerance of the feeding and checking the leftover or residual contents left from the last feeding. The best rate and type of feeding must be determined for the tube-fed patient and the insertion site of the tube can affect these determinations. Residual VolumeStomach contents must be removed before feedings

Skunk Feeding
by Al Velella in Pets
Believe it or not, the skunk can be domesticated and made into a household pet. While this is rare, it's not unheard of. First and foremost, the issue of taking care of pet skunks is their scent glands. While skunks only spray when on the defensive, most pet skunks have their scent glands removed around four weeks of age. Another difficulty in owning a skunk is learning to deal with their comprehe
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What is a Feeding Tube?
by Erik Ordway in Health
A feeding tube is an alternative way to provide nutrition and medication when a patient is unable to eat or swallow. A feeding tube placement must be ordered by a physician. TypesThere are various types of feeding tubes, based on the purpose and placement of the tube, such as a nasogastric tube, Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) or jejunostomy tube (J-tube).
Nasogastric TubeA nasoga
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How to Use a Feeding Tube
by iNate2000 in Health
Use a feeding tube to give medications or nutrients to a patient who's unable ingest them orally. Temporary feeding tubes run through nasal passages and into the throat. These are typically used for feeding patients under short-term hospital care. For extended use of medications in large doses or feeding during treatment of oral or throat complications, a tube is surgically implanted through the a
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Feeding HTML to IE6 Only
by DaveF in Programming Languages

I need to display different HTML if the browser is IE6/IE7. I know conditional comments work fine if we're just talking about styling information but in this particular case it's the actual markup.

I will have an unordered list of images which will be png-24. They will have rounded corners (hence the need for the transparency provided by png-24) and will have rounded border styling

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Cat Feeding Guidelines
by Gurpreet Singh in Pets
Owning a cat can be a rewarding experience. Most cat owners are concerned about their cat's health and want to be sure they feed their cats a diet that will keep them healthy and happy for a long time. There are many choices when it comes to picking a cat's food. Wet food, dry food, treats, table scraps and raw foods are just a few of the options available when choosing a cat's diet. The location

Hummingbird Feeding
by ChristianM in Home & Garden
Hummingbirds are thrilling to watch with their dazzling colors and aerial acrobatics. Putting up feeders is a good way to attract them to your garden. But hummingbird feeders require time and effort to maintain so that hummingbirds are drinking the best possible nectar substitute. Nectar-producing flowers can also be added to the garden to give hummingbirds the real thing. PositioningA few smal

Evo Feeding Guide
by JackBurton in Pets
EVO brand by Natura produces low-carbohydrate, high-protein dry and canned pet food that closely mimics the wild diets of domestic dogs, cats and ferrets. The EVO food formula is meant to provide the most nutritional value for the least amount of food. EVO Feeding CalculatorPuppies, still in developmental stages, have more nutritional needs than adult dogs.mother dog with puppy image by Phaedra
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DIY Chicken Feeding
by eastcoastj in Pets
Feeding is a crucial part of being a chicken owner, and it is important you provide your farmyard friends with the correct nutrients. One of the most convenient ways to ensure a food supply in the chicken coop is by using a feeding tower or bucket. This provides a constant flow of grain inside the coop, which chickens can access when they like.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'l
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About Bottle Feeding
by amiT jaiN in Parenting
Whether to bottle-feed or breast-feed a newborn can be an emotional decision for a woman. There is a lot of pressure from society to breast-feed because of the bonding that takes place between the mother and the newborn as well as the nutrients and antibodies shared. However, breast-feeding is not right for every woman or every baby. For some women and babies, bottle-feeding is the best choice for


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