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How to Tell a Guy Your Feelings for Him
by OutOfBrain in Relationships & Family
While it can be difficult to express romantic feelings, it is often necessary if you plan to convert your fantasy relationship into reality. Why sit around and wait for love to just “happen” when you have some control over the situation? Telling a guy you have feelings for him is not the impossible feat many make it out to be. Taking the time to prepare could be the difference betwee
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How to Tell Someone Your Feelings in a Letter
by godihatework in Relationships & Family
Telling someone how you feel about them can sometimes be awkward. Saying your true feelings aloud may be intimidating, depending on the situation. Whether you are mad at the person or simply want to tell him you love him, one of the easiest ways to express your feelings is by writing a letter. Putting your words on paper can oftentimes bring out your true feelings without feeling scared of confron

How to Know if Your Boyfriend Has Feelings for You
by sham63 in Relationships & Family
New relationships are often stressful as both parties examine their feelings for each other. It's a big step when a casual relationship evolves into more serious exclusivity. One person in the relationship is often ready for this transition before the other is. If you're not sure if your boyfriend has feelings for you, careful examination of his behavior and some probing questions should provide y

How to Keep a Feelings Journal
by unadopted in Relationships & Family
If you've ever considered keeping a feelings journal, you may have talked yourself out of it at some point. "I'm too old for that sort of thing" or "there's no way I'll keep it up" may have crossed your mind. The truth is, however, that it can be great for not only reflecting, but also for self-improvement. Just like with a new exercise regimen, it may be hard to get in the habit at first, but onc

How to Feel Your Feelings
by Griff in Health
Truly experiencing your feelings allows you to let go of regret, release past hurts and strengthen your relationships. Gaining this ability can also help you stay emotionally balanced and prevent you from bottling up emotions or feeling isolated. According to HelpGuide.Org, processing your feelings allows people to communicate emotions more effectively with others.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstruc
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How to End Feelings of Depression
by apaunchev in Health
Depression is an often debilitating illness that attacks people of all ages. Because there are varying levels and stages of the disease, symptoms may vary among individuals. Dealing with depression can be a lifetime battle, and currently there is no known cure for depression. It is possible, however, to heal symptoms of depression if you have some basic lifestyle tools.Difficulty:Moderately Challe

How to Get Over Hurt Feelings
by showb1z in Relationships & Family
A misunderstanding in communication between a friend, partner or family member can easily result in hurt feelings, a mix of disappointment and sadness that someone treated you unkindly or disregarded your well-being. The key to resolving a problem is by choosing how to handle a situation when a misunderstanding occurs rather than dwell on feeling of the perceived slight. A change of perspective, w
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How to Know if He's Growing Feelings for You
by sReas in Relationships & Family
Dating someone new is often exciting and brings new activities and hobbies into your life. Whether you are close friends with someone you are interested in or if you have begun dating one another, knowing if he is growing feelings for you is possible with a bit of patience and communication, and allows you to know where you are at in the relationship.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Asses

How to Help Someone Who Gets Their Feelings Hurt
by nasy in Relationships & Family
Hurt feelings are a common and unfortunate fact of life, but the real challenge is how you handle those feelings. Sadness from hurt can transform into anger or depression, if you ignore the distressing situation and problem. In the same way that you would be available for someone who is hurt physically, friends and loved ones experiencing emotional hurt need your support and understanding as well.

How to Go About Telling Him Your Feelings
by Yserbius in Relationships & Family
Telling a man how you feel can be difficult, whether it is conveying feelings of love or other feelings about your relationship. Some women fear rejection, while others fear pushing him away. But sharing your feelings doesn't have to be such a daunting task. There are several ways to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself as well as practical measures that can help make this process easier.Dif

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