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GridView (Binded to ObjectDataSource) not displaying fields in the selected fields zone in Fields Dialog
by tdowg1 in Programming Languages

I have a Gridview that I bind to an ObjectDataSoure.

The ObjectDataSource uses a business object that calls a DAL method that returns DataTable with the query results.

Application works at run time ,But at design time there is a problem:
When I use the GridView's Tasks Wizard -> Edit Columns : No fields appear in the Selected fields text area(So I can't use the wiza

Comparing form fields with data base fields and highlighting the form fields
by mikhaelrasputin in Programming Languages

Can you help me in the following two scenarios (PHP+MYSQL)

I need to compare the HTML Form field values with the Database field values and highlight the form fields in some color whose values are different from database values before submitting the form (to alert the user).


On loading the form, i need to compare the values present

I want to update fields (X,Y) in table A to the values in fields (X,Y) in table B, where the fields Z are equal in both
by jason166 in Databases
a_fees a
a_temp b
b.fee_source_id = a.fee_source,
b.filing_date = a.filingdate
b.fee_id = a.fee_id;

Assigning PHP class fields to array values when passing both into a function doesn't set the fields, why?
by mdiezb in PHP

As the description states, I have a function that takes in an array and an object as arguments and assigns all of the objects fields to their respective values in the array depending on the type of the object. The objects all have different fields, but they all have a type attribute which the function uses to determine which fields to assign.

It works something like this:

How do I parse out the fields in a comma separated string using sscanf while supporting empty fields?
by cthulhup in Programming Languages

I have a comma separated string which might contain empty fields. For example:


Using a basic

sscanf(string,"%[^,],%[^,],%[^,],%[^,],%[^,]", &val1, &val2, &val3, &val4);

I get all the values prior to the empty field, and unexpected results from the empty field onwards.

When I remove the exp

Create a custom loop with post IDs taken from Magic Fields 2 duplicate text fields
by MikeG in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to create a custom loop with content related to specific post IDs whose numbers I'm getting from a Magic Fields duplicate text field called "reference_posts".

When I echo $testvalue; it outputs the correct listing of posts "20432,43242,34253," but when I try to output it inside the array I only get the first value repeated over and over "20432,20432,20432,".

Django Newbie - With a multiple fields form, how do I eliminate empty fields within the queryset
by amiT jaiN in Coding

I'm a Django newbie, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. I have a search form that has multiple fields on it. I only wish to filter my queryset by those fields submitted that aren't empty. How do I do that? I'm aware you can chain querysets and Q objects together, but I don't know how to eliminate empty key/value pairs from the chain. I know the following doesn't work, but I thou

Hiding and showing fields still validates hidden fields with ASP.NET MVC 2 Client Side Validation
by Tridnewly in ASP & ASP.net

I've got a form as part of an e-commerce checkout process which has a section for billing address which allows the user to use their delivery address or to fill in an address in the form. If the user selects to use their delivery address I don't show the address fields.

I've added validation for all fields then on the server side I check which option was selected and remove any val

Django validate form based on multiple fields (file fields)
by ElMonoDelMar in Programming Languages

Is there a way in django to validate a form based on multiple fields. I have seen some examples where people recommend overriding a form's clean method and raising a ValidationError if it fails to meet your custom validation. The problem for me is that I'm not sure you can check whether or not a file was uploaded from within the clean method. I have only been able to access them using the reque

Populating array of input fields as alternate fields using jQuery UI datepicker
by SnuggleTheBear in Programming Languages

I am using jquery ui datepicker in order to populate start and end dates for multiple events on the same page, the number of events is dynamic and I need to post day, month and year as separate fields, so I have something like this:

<input type="text" name="event[0].startDate" class="date"/>
<input type="hidden" name="event[0].startDate_day" class="startDate_day" /&

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