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How to Fight an HOA
by Anubis in Legal
Home owners associations (HOAs) are put in place to ensure that all residents of a particular neighborhood or housing development have a say in what goes on in their immediate community. Yet HOAs often have just the opposite effect. HOAs are led by boards appointed by members of the community and made up of residents of the community. They are given powers to make and enforce certain rules. Unfort
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How to Fight Like Jet Li
by nseibert in Sports & Fitness
Jet Li's strength, speed and razor sharp style form the basis of the martial arts star's fighting prowess. Through years of traditional training and an adaptive intelligence that brings power to his fighting, Li has moved to the forefront of the martial arts world. Here's how you can learn to be like Li.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Learn wushu. Wushu is the traditional Chinese martial art
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How to get out of a bar fight
by Israel in Parties & Entertaining
Most of the time, going out to a bar for a few drinks is a fun, relaxing experience. However, occasionally people will have a few too many drinks and become quite emotional about one thing or another and get rough with the wrong person. In this situation, it is very easy for two people to start fighting and inadvertently drag bystanders into the conflict. If you find yourself in this situation, ev
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How to Say I'm Sorry After a Big Fight
by Raphaël Slinckx in Relationships & Family
Saying sorry after a huge argument can be very difficult to do, especially if you feel particularly worried about how somebody will react when you next speak to him. However, apologizing sincerely and properly is a fundamental skill involved in building positive and long-lasting relationships, and if you believe you were in the wrong, saying sorry will be necessary. Although it may take some confi
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How to Fight with Your HMO
by OutOfBrain in Health
If your Health Maintenance Organization has refused to authorize medical care, sending you and your primary care physician a denial letter, fight the denial with an appeal letter and follow up with phone calls before you start exploring other payment options.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Insurance card
Explanation of benefits (EOB)
Denial letter from
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How to Fight Your HOA and Win
by lxskllr in Personal Finance
Homeowners' associations, or HOAs, are organizations that develop and enforce rules about what happens in certain communities. These organizations have a great deal of power over those in the community. For instance, they can charge fines for violations of the community regulations or make decisions about how community members must make their homes appear aesthetically. When a homeowner doesn't ag
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How to Fight Off a Dog
by dyarborough in Pets
It is true that dogs are often man's best friend, but occasionally a loud noise, a threatening motion or an unintentional trespassing of his territory can spark something in a dog that will send him into a fury. If you are ever in a situation where you need to fight off a dog, remember these steps to ensure your safety.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
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How to Win a UFC Fight
by hamaholic in Sports & Fitness
The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed martial arts circuit has some set rules about how a fighter can win a fight. In its early days, the UFC had three ways to win: knock out, submission or referee stoppage. As of 2011, the UFC had redefined several of rules, including the ways to win.Difficulty:EasyInstructions The first, and most exciting way to win a UFC fight, is the technical knoc
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How to Fight the CRB
by ivoidwarranties in Legal
In 2006, the Library of Congress created the Copyright Royalty Board, or CRB, consisting of three judges tasked to review and address issues of royalties specifically pertaining to multiple-use licenses. The CRB's recommended rate hike angered many individuals with ties to small radio stations and internet music providers, who believe the increase would effectively force them out of business, says
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How to RP Fight
by clubbedseal in Hobbies, Games & Toys
An "RP Fight" -- or "Role-play Fight" -- is a type of fight scene that happens in text-based role-playing games such as "MUSH" or those that take place in chat rooms or on forums. It is essentially an exercise in cooperative storytelling, except that you write only a portion of the scene from your character's perspective and the other person responds by writing the next bit of the scene from her
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