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How to Cut Out Figures With Fondant
by patrickcarver in Food & Drink
Fondant can be easily cut and molded to make a variety of designs and shapes. Whether you make stars, flowers, polka dots or words, the creative use of fondant can greatly add to the originality and aesthetics of your cake. You can either purchase prepared fondant from a craft store or make your own by following a simple recipe. Once the fondant has been prepared, you'll have to roll it out before

How to Get Figures in Latex
by Jon Riegel in Computers
Latex is a free, document preparation system for typesetting high quality technical documents. Researchers working in areas across academia, such as science, mathematics, philosophy and economics, use Latex to produce their manuscripts. Latex has many powerful features and provides functionality for inserting mathematical equations and symbols, extensive cross-referencing and generating contents p
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How to Make PVC Figures
by lxskllr in Hobbies, Games & Toys
PVC pipe can be used to make life-size sculptures. The pipe is weather resistant and is ideal for making a statement in your yard. Holidays often open themselves for PVC figure decorating. While several different companies make and sell PVC figures, you can make you own PVC decorations.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Sketch pad
PVC pipe
Hand Saw
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About Pokemon Figures
by NTMBK in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Created by Satoshi Tajiri in Japan, the Pokemon series debuted in 1996. The game consists of collecting various figures and their cards and training them for battle. The characters evolve into different levels, growing more powerful with each metamorphosis. These figures are easily found in many big box and toy stores. The entire collection has 493 figures in all, and among the most notable inclu

Figures in LaTeX
by GarlicBreath in Programming Languages

How do you have a figure imported so that it appears on the bottom of a page with a caption? When I import it and put a caption on it normally, it always appears at the top of a page.

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How to Weather Figures
by ancapdev in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Artists create figures that look old and weathered. Weathered figures look good as decorations in a home or garden, and many people like weathered-looking items in their home. Simple painting techniques make any object look old and weathered even when a figure is new. Anyone is capable of making any object look weathered. There are no special skills involved, but creating this look takes a bit of
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Action Figures of the 70s
by mii in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Movies, television series and comic books continued to lure record numbers of viewers to tune in during the 1970s. Toy makers took advantage of the popularity of certain characters and transformed them into action figures. Children -- and some adults -- seized the opportunity to take home a version of their television or movie icons. Tomland Starroid RaidersTomland's Starroid Raiders were loose
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How 3D figures are colored
by acacio in Programming Languages

I know how 3D points are projected. But how is a 3D cube colored. Does a 3d renderer convert a 3x3x3 cube to 54 points and project them with color???

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How to Calculate Using CPI Figures
by okhomenko in Business
The consumer price index, an economic measure of the price of goods, helps calculate inflation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics takes a grocery bag full of goods and calculates how much those goods cost on average at a given time. It then performs the same calculation in a future year to see the difference in the average cost. By using a percent change calculation on the CPI figures, you can calcul

How to Cite Figures
by gondalez in Education
Proper citation is crucial whether you're writing a college essay or an article for publication. Any image that is not a table or a musical score is considered a figure, and credit should be given to the source of your figure. The MLA format can be used to cite a figure. It gives clear guidelines for how to use a figure in your paper or article. Learn how to cite a figure both in the text and unde
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