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Python liburl2 timeout; can ping server fine, and wget works fine;
by micaleel in Web Design

I'm trying to use Python's liburl2 to access the Dreamhost API documented here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/API

Here is my code:

request = urllib2.Request('https://api.dreamhost.com/?key=<key>')
response = urllib2.urlopen(request)
page = response.read()

This invariably fails with the error:


Difference Between Fine & Baby Fine Hair
by 02ranger in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
When referring to hair, "fine" is a term associated with thin, delicate hair. This hair type most often occurs in blondes and redheads. Baby fine hair is even thinner than fine hair, and is typical to natives of the Scandinavian, Baltic and Nordic areas. Although fine hair is prone to breakage, it actually has many advantages which include the ability to adapt to different styles easily. Fine H

Javascript not running on Heroku, dev fine, others fine
by tangsty in Programming Languages

I have a Rails 3.1 app with several Javascripts that run just fine on Heroku. I wanted to auto detect time zones and started working with this Jon Nylanders awesome script to do that. It's available here: https://bitbucket.org/pellepim/jstimezonedetect/src

Now the problem is, this Javascript runs just fine on my local machine but not on Heroku. The console in Safari says the functio

Builds fine in Eclipse, Runs fine from CLI, Running from Eclipse generates NoClassDefFoundError
by Lafe in Programming Languages

I have a project, which generates 2 jar files {Main.jar, Sub.jar}, and relies on two other jar file libraries {extJar1.jar extJar2.jar}.

In eclipse, building Main.jar and Sub.jar works fine, so eclipse can see everything that is needed.
At the CLI running the Main.jar works fine and the program compeltes successfully.

Running the project from within eclipse however,

The Value of Fine Art
by HoagieMon in Arts & Entertainment
The value of fine art is dependent on context. For some, art is only as valuable as its auction price, while for others it is a necessity for personal and cultural health and happiness. The value of art changes over time as well; 500 years ago its value was primarily religious and social, while today it is seen as a far more personal and individualistic pursuit. Recognizing and Creating BeautyH
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How to Pay an ERP Fine
by soup006 in Cars
Electronic Road Pricing, or ERP, is an electronic system used in Singapore that automatically charges drivers for using roads during peak hours. The Land Transport Authority, the agency in charge of the system, assesses traffic on major roads and adjusts rates according to the level of congestion. If a driver passes through an ERP toll, or gantry, without an ERP Cash Card, or with a card that has
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What Is the Fine for a DUI?
by Martin Dobrev in Legal
Fines for driving under the influence vary, with first-conviction fines beginning as low as $100 in the states of Michigan, Rhode Island and West Virginia, and topping out as much as $25,000 for a fourth conviction in Massachusetts. Minors InvolvedSome states charge two schedules of fines depending on whether minors were in a vehicle driven by a convicted drunk driver. In Florida, the fines beg
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How to Rid Fine Lines From Under Your Eye
by New Jersey in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Over time your face will change, making it harder to notice new lines appearing around your eyes or nose at once. Ridding fine lines underneath and near your eyes is possible by using a variety of at-home tips and methods each day depending on your budget and the result you're striving for. Creams, lotions and daily regimens are all available solutions to help reduce fine lines near your eyes.Diff

Fine Art Grants
by Apejoy in Personal Finance
Fine arts grants are cash awards, sometimes with matching funds required, given to individual artists and arts organizations. Granting agencies may be part of federal or state government, business, educational or private. Individual artist fellowship grants pay for specific projects, career development and general expenses. Arts organization grants often pay for specific projects, such as exhibiti
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Fine Art Degrees
by sReas in Education
Transform your artistic passions into a professional fine arts degree. The term "fine arts" encompasses many facets of art eduction to include dance, drama, photography, graphic design, interior decorating, painting, visual arts, drawing, animation, film, illustration and sculpture, to name a few. Acquiring a degree may be required for some artistic career choices. Types of DegreesStudents seek
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