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Firefox Extension Development - Data Storage - is Firefox Preferences a good place?
by beefjerky911 in Development Tools & Services

I have developed a Firefox add-on that needs to save some user-data in the local machine. Right now, I use the filesystem functionality that Firefox provides to create some folders and files in the user's system.

Portability is a problem. I designed it for Windows XP. But, Vista's folder structure is different (inside the app data). Linux is completely different. I do an OS check an

Cannot find firefox binary in PATH. Make sure firefox is installed. OS appears to be: VISTA
by Mason McCuskey in Web Design

I am not able to run my script in any of the browsers. Below is the error i get for firefox. The location where firefox is installed is correct. Dont know what is wrong.

I am using Firefox 15. Selenium Java 2.2.0 and Eclipse Juno

My test case is given below:

import static org.junit.Assert.*;
import org.junit.After;
import org.junit.Before;

Call linux command from a html page in Firefox or from Firefox extension
by Jérôme in Operating Systems

Is there any possibily that I can have a html page with button, that when the user click it, it will run linux command on the local machine?

If it is not possible, then is it possible to have a firefox extension that monitor a url, and if the url appear, the extension itself will run a linux command on the local machine?

The html page is run on Firefox on Linux platform.

How can I make Ubuntu Firefox render webpages similar to Windows/Mac Firefox?
by apaunchev in Ubuntu

I just installed Ubuntu as my core operating system and am having a bit of a panic.. Is there any strategy for making the fonts/browser defaults for browsers (and the OS in general) render similarly to Windows Vista or Mac OSX? I'm afraid accurate web design work in this environment will be total guess work..

How can I test my .NET site on Firefox ? It loads in IE but when I open it in Firefox it doesnt load the CSS
by kaktos in Web Design

Good day,

I'm almost finished with my .net project implementation of a new design. But I'd like to try it with Firefox before releasing it.
When I debug the project it creates an URL with "http://localhost/rest-of-url" and it opens IE and I can see the site. But when I copy this URL to Firefox it won't load the CSS at all. Is that a problem with Visual Studio 2008 ? Or do I hav

[HTML/Firefox]: When website opens, Firefox asks to download the page
by Dahak in Network & Servers

My website is working fine on IE, but when I open it on Firefox, Firefox asks to download the same page and opens the Download File dialog. This problem occurs sometimes in Safari also.

For example, if I type in the URL as:


Firefox opens a dialog to download "news.html". Whereas, it works fine in IE. Why?

Firefox [npapi] plugin development - firefox freeze when calling a method
by avi in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to learn how to write a Firefox plugin.
I downloaded the npruntime example from Mozilla compiled it and ran it.
Getting properties from the plugin worked well but when I tried to
call a method, Firefox freezed.
I thought maybe something is wrong with the example, so I wrote my own basic scriptable plugin that has one property and one method which returns a string.

Firefox is not opening by using WebDriver at my workplace Cannot find firefox binary in PATH
by msmy300z in Web Design

Hi I am trying to open Firefox to run the Webdriver java script.

public static WebDriver dr =null;
public static EventFiringWebDriver driver=null;
dr = new FirefoxDriver();
driver = new EventFiringWebDriver(dr);
driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

If I run this code I am getting error like
Can not fine fir

cursor when clicked on the textbox in firefox gets misplaced and thus unable to write most of the time. How to fix this behavior in firefox?
by Ben Humphrys in Web Design

When clicked on text box in firefox, the cursor is placed at bottom side (instead of in center) and therefore, it doesn't accept the typed letters.
This behavior was observed in every website which has a text box.
For that, I have to click once again in the center of text box.

I need not to do the same in IE or Chrome. i think, this is a firefox related issue.

CSS Firefox - How to deactivate the dotted border ( firefox click indicator )?
by eastcoastj in Web Design

This click indicator is a disgusting piece for my recent web projects.. I hate this! - How can I say to my Firefox browser that he should not mark the clicked object?

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