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How to Tie FireLine to Fluorocarbon
by Thyrius in Sports & Fitness
FireLine is a braid fishing line produced by the Berkley. Designed for strength and abrasion resistance, it provides the benefit of a higher-pound test line in a small diameter. Fluorocarbon line is specifically designed to become nearly invisible underwater, and anglers often use it as a leader for FireLine. It is important to use a knot that will securely connect fluorocarbon line to FireLine to

How to Tie a Berkley Fireline
by Thyrius in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Berkley Fireline is an incomparably tough fishing line that gives zero stretch and offers maximum control to the serious angler. Because it's constructed from uniquely strong Micro Dyneema, Berkley Fireline can provide advantages many other lines cannot. However, it also comes with its own challenges; you have to know how to tie Berkley Fireline to get the best fishing experience.Difficulty:Modera
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How to Tie Knots in a Berkley Fireline
by bmg in Sports & Fitness
Berkley Fireline is a "superline" that's approximately four times as strong as similarly sized monofilament lines. It has little to no stretch and retains the castability of a small-diameter fishing line. Rigging a fishing outfit with Fireline is not much different than rigging an outfit with monofilament line. However, Fireline is somewhat slicker than most monofilament and can slip when attached

How to Make a Necklace With Fireline
by Rineau in Home & Garden
Fireline is a brand of pre-waxed braided thread -- also sold as fishing line by Berkley, its manufacturer -- that is very strong and durable. This product is favored by beaders for woven pieces because it is so strong. This is the type of thread that can also be used when the beader is looking for a clear line and a line that won't break easily, such as for jewelry where a small infant or child ma

How to Use Berkley Fireline Crystal
by CookingCoder in Sports & Fitness
Berkley Fireline Crystal is a relative newcomer to the braided line fishing category. Berkley has been a leader in the fishing industry since its formation in the mid 1930s. Fireline features unifilament rather than monofilament design. Translated, Fireline is a fused braid that resists abrasion, does not stretch, casts farther and resists digging into the spool. Although Fireline is engineered to

What is a Fireline Fishing Line?
by deshao in Sports & Fitness
Fireline fishing line is a product brand of Berkley Fishing. Berkley started as the Berkley Fly Co. in 1937. The founder, Berkley Bedell, started the company at age 16 with $50 from his paper route earnings. He used hair shed from the family dog and feathers from his parents' chicken coop to make the lures. By 1939, while still in high school, he grew the business by hiring girls from his high sch

How to Fill a Spool With Berkley Fireline
by Stephen Judge in Sports & Fitness
Berkley Fireline is a type of braided fishing line, an example of a group of fishing lines commonly referred to a superlines. Unlike traditional monofilament lines that are made from nylon, Fireline is made by bonding fibers of a material called Micro Dyneema. This results in a fishing line that is stronger, smaller in diameter, and lasts longer than monofilament fishing lines. Fireline comes in s

What Fireline Wire Strength Should You Use With Swarovski Crystals?
by Platinumjsi in Hobbies, Games & Toys
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How to Glue a Berkley Fireline Crystal Fish Line
by Enzo in Sports & Fitness
Berkley Fireline Crystal is a high tensil strength line that is part of the company's fused fishing line products. Designed to offer small diameters with high pound test strenghts, Fireline Crystal distinguishes itself with low visibility under water. Fireline Crystal, although strong, can pose problems when knots are used that can be prone to slipping. Applying a small amount of glue can help sec

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