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How to Change the Fishing Line on a Shakespeare Fishing Pole
by Surya in Sports & Fitness
Regardless of whether you are using a bait cast or spinning reel setup, the day will come when you have to change the line on your rod. Changing your fishing line is part of the routine maintenance that goes along with using fishing equipment as a result of normal wear or weather conditions. Many anglers enjoy using Shakespeare rods and reels for various fresh and saltwater game fish species. Chan

Fishing for Panfish With a Super Ultralight Fishing Line
by walkah in Sports & Fitness
Super ultralight fishing line has a distinct advantage over traditional ultralight fishing line: it is smaller in diameter, but as strong as heavier line. For example, a 10-pound test super ultralight fishing line will have the same diameter as a four-pound test ultralight line, according to Wade Bourne, a fishing guide for Bass Pro Shops. This means you can enjoy the benefits of ultralight gear,

How to Attach a Fishing Line to an RC Fishing Boat
by JulianCT in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Attaching a fishing line to your RC fishing boat allows you to tow it back in if it accidentally strays out of your controller's range. With this simple safety feature, you are able to take your RC boat into larger bodies of water like lakes and rivers. The two most important components of attaching a fishing line to your boat are the strength of the line and the durability of the tape. If either

How to Put Fishing String on a Microspin Fishing Pole
by demetris in Sports & Fitness
Serious fishermen know that putting line on their reels is a very important task. Incorrectly spooled line can form tangles and birds nests on the reel. These can cause a fish to be lost in a snap on the line, and that means big bucks for tournament fishermen. A microspin fishing pole is like any other pole and reel--it's just smaller, so stringing the line is simple when you follow the below sugg

What Kind of Fishing Line to Use for Flounder Fishing?
by DeathReborn in Sports & Fitness
Flounder fishing is a very popular sport from a boat, pier, jetty or beach. A fishing line for flounder can be either a monofilament or braided line. Either one will work with a conventional or spinning reel. Monofilament LineMonofilament line is the most popular line used for flounder fishing because of its strength, availability in all pound-test lines, and low cost. It comes in many colors s

Homemade Fishing Lures for Bass Fishing
by docp in Sports & Fitness
Making homemade lures for bass fishing is a great way take your fishing to the next level. Making your own lures not only saves money, but it also allows for a high degree of customization. Different components are often combined to create the lure and by using colors, weights and sizes that are matched to specific fishing situations, you can make lures that are specific to your fishing situation.

How to Rig a Fishing Pole for Plastic Worm Fishing
by teabagbrewster in Sports & Fitness
Fishing is a popular hobby that provides you with a serene setting, a relaxing sport and sometimes a dinner. With the variety of fish in the U.S., one would think a huge variety of baits would be needed. However, one good worm--real or plastic--is enough to catch a majority of fresh-water fish and even a good number of saltwater fish as well. To get that worm into the water and hook a whopper, let

Ocean Fishing Setups for Bait Fishing
by Angelo Giannatos in Sports & Fitness
Whether ocean fishermen troll from boats and target reef-living fish, or whether they fish from a pier or the shoreline, using live bait is one of the most productive ways to catch fish. There are a variety of rigs that anglers can use to present their bait. Some rigs keep their bait on or near the bottom, while others suspend it at various points in the water column. Plain JigA plain, lead-hea

The Best Ways to Set Up Fishing Poles for Lake Fishing
by XLNC in Sports & Fitness
When lake fishing, your technique may depend on the type of fish you are going after, weather conditions or simply what makes you the most comfortable. In the end, there is no right or wrong way to set up your fishing pole. It's all about feeling comfortable and relaxed so you can have an enjoyable and productive day on the lake. Still FishingWhen still fishing, select a spot where you think yo

Types of Fly Fishing & Fly Fishing Rods
by Mario Tristan in Sports & Fitness
Fly-fishing is a sport enjoyed all over the world, wherever there is a stream, river, lake or ocean. The type of rod used is determined by where you are fishing and what kind of fish you hope to catch. Types of RodsFly rods can be made of bamboo, fiberglass or graphite. Each type of rod comes in various lengths and line weights. Bamboo fly rods have become collector's items and these rods are r

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