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Flash Embed: how do i add a message that appears instead of a flash video if a user has not installed flash?
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in Web Design

i have a flash video called abc.swf that i would like to play when a user first registers to our website. however, if the user does not have flash, i need it to tell them that in an easy way.

for this reason, i am trying to tell them how to download flash with the following html:

<div style="text-align:center;">

Flash: Why Flash doesn't recognize a Primesense/Flash camera?
by Munir in Web Design

I'd like to know if there is some documentation available to know how Flash detects webcams in order to know why it cannot get a Primesense/Kinect camera.

I think it'd be really useful to access Kinect without using the OpenKinect scheme (server-client), but using a real driver for Flash based on Video4Linux.


how does the performance speed differ between Flash App(compiled by Air) on iPad2 and Flash runs on iPad2 Flash browser?
by rancherlee in Mobile Programming

I'm planning of developing iPad Game but currently I don't own Mac or the apple dev license yet and I'd like to do some performance examination before even bother to buy them.

My iPad2 has a Web Browser App called puffin which can run Flash on the internet. And I was wondering if you made Flash iPad App using Adobe Air, will it run as fast as the Web Flash version that runs on puff

How to put Silverlight application inside Flash file(swf - browser independet which run with flash player)
by Harry Truman in Web Design

i have created a silverlight application , but i need to embed it to a Flash file(swf) which it runs with Flash Player ( whithout using browser), I had found a solutions to call it using javascript, but it still needs my flash file run inside the browser, dose any one can help me, Either to run js inside swf (without need of browser) or any other way that i can embed my Silverlight application

Any automated way to unit test Flash Clipboard functionality from the browser in Flash Player 10+
by Max Ollerenshaw in Web Design

In Flash Player 10+, a browser-based SWF can inject into a user's clipboard if and only if it is triggered by a user interaction with the Flash object, e.g. the user clicks a Flash button. This is done using the flash.desktop.Clipboard.generalClipboard object's clear and setData methods.

I've used this trick for many web apps (e.g. via ZeroClip

Google Chrome gives “missing plug-in” for Flash even with Flash installed
by IndyColtsFan in Web Design

I'm having issues with Google Chrome (5.0.375.70) and an expandable Flash ad:


When "Click to Expand" is clicked on the closed ad, Chrome displays a "Missing Plug-in" error. The expanded ad creative itself loads fine as can be seen when it opens expanded by default.

The script itself is using jQuery and SWFObject and can be

Is it possible to seek to a random position in streaming audio (using Flash Media Server and Flash 9)?
by frozentundra123456 in Web Design

I am creating an audio player that has a feature to sample a random 30-sec preview of the music for the listeners (server-side is Flash Media Server and client side is Flash 9). Can this be done in Actionscript 3 or must the samples be prepared ahead of time?

How to fix flash objects in specific location in the stage no matter how i resize the flash file
by Switzerland in Programming Languages

I'm working on a project but i have a problem
I have an object inside my flash file and i want to lock the object on 0 x-axis 0 y-axis but when i re-size my SWF file my object's location changed to another location how can i fix that ?

How can one simulate a web browser, or just the Flash plugin, to load-test a Flash-based web-application?
by Chook2330 in Web Design

I guess I don't need the web browser, since network capabilities are built into the stand-alone player. I just need some kind of .NET component which will allow me to programatically start hundreds of flash players (with no UI) playing a specific SWF file for load testing purposes. The SWF file accesses a network service and downloads other SWF files, but basically runs on its own to completi

Flash player memory usage - Flash builder profiler vs Activity monitor
by asid in Web Design

Could somebody please explain me the relationship between the Current memory usage in Flash Builder /as can be seen in the profiler in the memory usage graph/ and the real memory usage /which can be seen for example in the activity monitor of OSX/. The thing is that the current memory in FB seems to report really small values, under 300K, however the activity monitor shows the real memory usage

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