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How do I build a Flex library that is compatible with client apps ranging from Flex 3.5B to Flex 4.6?
by Kapishin in Programming Languages

My aim is to build a Flex library that is compatible with clients (both other libraries and Flex applications) build on Flex versions ranging from 3.5B to 4.6. Also, I'd like to be able to use functionality from as recent a version of Flex as possible in my library, although this is a secondary concern compared to compatibility.

Is it necessary that I use a Flex version no greater t

Flex-Mojo/Flex-compiler version issues with Flex 4.1 and maven2
by Roman in Development Tools & Services

My projects UI is built using Flex4.1..I am using maven2 and trying to figure out which flex-mojo version should I use for compiling.

I tried with the following,


but am running into issues..


Flex and Zend_AMF: How do I get a Flex arrayCollection from Flex into PHP?
by ondrej in PHP

I currently have an arrayCollection in Flex and I want to sent it to PHP (Zend_AMF). According to the Zend_AMF wiki, sending an arrayCollection over directly will force Zend_AMF to cast the arrayCollection as an object which is no good. I'd rather have an array of my models.

I assume the best way would be to convert the arrayCollection to an array in flex and then send it over. Is

Loading flex modules compiled with Flex 4 SDK into an application compiled with Flex 3.5
by ews in Programming Languages

I am working on a feature for an application that requires Flex 4 functionality. Due to some migration issues of the application from Flex 3.5 to 4.0, I have decided to implement this feature as a module that is compiled with Flex 4.0. The theory is that the application would remain compiled in Flex 3.5 and load the module when it needs it.

Here is the module loading code:

[Flex][GraniteDS] Flex side error : Didn't receive an acknowledge message
by Griff in Web Design

I've this error when I try to load a list of "Product" in a simple DataGrid :

Didn't receive an acknowledge message
Was expecting mx.messaging.messages.AcknowledgeMessage, but received null

After several tests I'm pretty sure now that it's a mapping issue, and as I'm not used to annotations, maybe it comes from here, here are my classes :


How to disable warning (especially binding warnings) in console in flex (eclipse with flex plug in)
by sgmichelsen in Programming Languages

I did suppress warnings in flex compiler using "-show-binding-warnings=false". But what I am interested to achieve is to suppress run time warnings (especially binding warnings - since I am getting data in model mostly in XML structures and it is fine for me if its unable to bind to its nested child nodes) in console (I am working on flex on Eclipse with the flex plug in). Is there a way to ac

Flex Application does not connect to server [while it connects after running on flex flash builder]
by znotdead in Web Design

I've a flash application. It connects to my server when i build and run it from flex builder. I'm using crossdomain policy file (i've have that file correct, because if i do not use any policy file my application does not connect to server)

I want to publish my application and export and publish it on my host. But my application does not connect to the server. What could be the pro

flex: manipulating flex elements from external action script class
by boonchew in Programming Languages

I have a flex project with a mx:Text.
i have a class that is loaded at the beginning of my project and i want this class to enter text in that text element. the id of the text element is "messagePanel" but when i try to type messagePanel.text i get 'Access of undefined property'. how do i resolve the issue?


general.FMS3Connect class connects to an adobe flash media

Flex Hibernate - Setting up EntityManager and SessionFactory with Flex/Mate/ and BlazeDS
by Israel in Databases

I am creating a Flex project using Mate, Blaze DS, Tomcat server. All of that seems to be working. Even my Hibernate calls are working. However they do not seem to be created in the correct way. I am logging in the user with the following block of code in java:

public AbstractUser login(String username, String password){
//Configuration cfg = new Configuration().configure(

Flex: Getting “a bunch” of data from Flex into an HTML page?
by Rob M in Programming Languages

I've got a bunch (say, 1k) of data in Flex, and I want to get that data to an HTML page, where some JavaScript will slice-and-dice the data and generate a report.

What's the simplest way to get it there?

I've considered passing it as part of the url, for example:

navigateToUrl("report.html?data=" + serialized_report_data)

But, apart fr

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